MARSHALLECK, Jamaica, Clarendon/St. Elizabeth/All

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MARSHALLECK, Jamaica, Clarendon/St. Elizabeth/All

Post by skisquash » Sun Jun 11, 2006 3:16 am

Looking for all MARSHALLECKs in Jamaica and other Caribbean islands. Note: Other spelling variations include Marszalek or Marshalek

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Post by MarshalleckMarchalleck » Tue Jul 18, 2006 4:16 pm

I am doing the same my mother is a Marshalleck. My mother's name is Maureen Marshalleck and her father was Victor Marshalleck, we are also looking for him because he disappeared sometime around the 1980's and we have not been able to locate him, if you have any information I would I appreaicate it and we could correspond.

Thank you,


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Post by MrJulal » Wed Dec 20, 2006 1:24 pm

Hi, On December 20, 1916 one of the witnesses to my grand-aunt's marriage was a Miriam M. Marchalleck (spelling might be my mistake but its what i copied from the film). This is at the Chirst Church Morant Bay, St. Thomas. The name is not uncommon in the east, there is even a property in prospect know as Marshalleck Beach where my dad usually take us as kids because he and Paul Marshalleck were good friends.... fell free to email me if I can assist anymore.


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Marshalleck from St Thomas

Post by Gigi » Mon Jul 30, 2007 4:33 pm

The Miriam M Marshalleck who was witnessed your great-aunt’s marriage was Mirriam Matilda (McIntosh) Marshallick ( born 1866 St. Ann). That would put her at 50 years old at the time of the wedding. She was the daughter of Kenneth McKenzie McIntosh and Helen McIntosh (a McIntosh married a McIntosh) and sister to Amos Claude McIntosh (my grandfather) of Duncanus St. Ann. Miriam Matilda married a Marshallick and lived in St. Thomas, we are quite sure we have the right Miriam (although 50 may seams a bit old in witnessing for a wedding).
I would be great if you could share any information you have on Paul and the St Thomas Marshallicks in general.
Seeking to exchange information on: McIntosh, Duany and Stiff of Jamaica.

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