MOORE, Samuel Edward - Jamaica and Australia

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MOORE, Samuel Edward - Jamaica and Australia

Postby colin » Mon Sep 06, 2010 8:38 pm

I am seeking any information at all from Jamaica on the family of Samuel Edward Moore

Surname: MOORE
Given Names: Saml
Event: D
Spouse Surname/Father: Moore Samuel
Spouse Gvn Names/Mother: Mary Ann UNKNOWN
Age: 74:
Death Place: Ballarat Australia
Year: 1903

Or Ellen Tucker
Birth 1834
In Kingston, Jamaica
Death 1899
In Coolgardie, , Western Australia, Australia

My great great grandfather was Samuel Edward Moore he was 31 year old, an Engineer, and was born in Jamaica, West Indies (In 1829?). Wife Ellen Tucker was 27, and also born in Jamaica, West Indies (In 1833?). My notes say that Samuel and Ellen married in Kingston, Jamaica in March 1853, and then boarded the Glentanner for Melbourne, Australia (via Bermuda, Bahia (Brazil) and Algoa Bay (South Africa) on 10 April 1853. Charles Glentanner Moore my great grandfather was born at sea during the 3 month trip. Mary Elizabeth was then their first Australian child, born at Ballarat in 1856.

I met a woman a a few years back who was also a descendant from Samuel and Ellen, and she was seriously into genealogy. She told me that the "dark features" actually came from Ellen Tucker, and that Ellen's grandfather(?) was a freed slave.
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Re: MOORE, Samuel Edward - Jamaica and Australia

Postby margie » Thu Jan 27, 2011 11:09 am

Colin, in reply to your posting re Samuel Moore Sept. 2010, I too have been looking for answers re a maternal ancestor born Kingston Jamaica 1830 to Rankin & Sarah McLarty. He was baptized Alexander but records I have list him as Alexander Rankin McLarty. He came to Ballarat in Victoria about the same time as your Samuel, and married an English girl Emma Mee although again the children's birth records state her surname sometimes as Knighton.

I have tried without success to find out how he arrived in Australia and your info re the ship " Glentanner" was of interest to me. If you have any details of passengers & crew on this vessel, I would be obliged. My Alexander was listed on the baptismal entry as "coloured" and I believe this was a trait carried down through generations as my mother and sisters as well as her mother and aunts were all of a sallow complexion. There were 4 surviving children all born in Melbourne so assume had left Ballarat prior to 1868.

by margie
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Re: MOORE, Samuel Edward - Jamaica and Australia

Postby DonnaR » Mon Nov 02, 2015 2:54 am

I am the great great granddaughter of Samuel Edward Moore who came to Australia on the Glentanner ship from Jamaica in 1853. Samuel was a Mechanical Engineer living in Ballart, I have a wonderful photo of him with one of his daughters and an invention he created back in 1870.

My family records indicate that his wife Ellen Moore (nee Tucker) came over on the same ship and gave birth to a son 'Charles Glentanner Moore'. No shipping records I have found in Australia indicate this so far, they only say that Samuel arrived on the Glentanner.

Charles is the oldest brother to my grandmothers father Samuel Edward Moore (B1869 Ballarat, Victoria, Australia). My Grandmother inherited many photo's which date back to the early 1850's but alas not many have names on them, some are obvious though as Samuel or Ellen (Tucker) Moore's Creole heritage is defiantly passed down to their daughters with the nappy hair (afro) and dark skin.

After my grandmother’s mother died her father Samuel could not look after her and her Aunty Henrietta Julianna Moore (Samuel's older sister) (married Brookes) adopted her thus the reason I have the photo's etc.

Have been doing family research since the early 1990s and found the hardest area to find documents is Jamaican records. I am joining this index in the hope of finding more information on where he lived in Jamaica, if he was born in Jamaica or United Kingdom, were Ellen Tuckers family freed slaves or is her heritage crossed with Spain, where was Ellen born... etc.
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Re: MOORE, Samuel Edward - Jamaica and Australia

Postby judy » Sat Jan 07, 2017 8:10 am

Hi Colin,

Samuel Edward Moore (recorded on Victorian records as Saml Ed'D Moore and Ellen Tucker are my great grandparents too but I go through their daughter Susannah Louisa. We know his father was a Samuel Edward Moore as well but there is another who is the wife of an Elizabeth so how do you know Mary is the right one and have you found out the surname yet after all these years?

As for Ellen Tucker, your information is useful to me but I have not found any records to back it up except a baptism done when the child was 13 and living in Water Street but with whom I do not know since neither of her parents were available/recorded. So have you managed to find her parents? Do you have any photos?

I am so intrigued by this. It has been over a year and I have not got any further ahead (do not spend money) but I would so love to know Samuel and Ellen's parents for sure. I am half assuming that Samuel Edward Moore was white simply because no colour has showed up since Louisa in my line and if someone had told me that I had a Creole heritage I would not be able to tell by looking.

But there is another Samuel Edward Moore who is recorded somewhere as in the artillery at Port Royal for Samuel Edward Moore as well but he married an Elizabeth and they are both listed as persons of colour in 1796 but in the 1805 parish records for Kingston - Clipped from: ... cc=1827268 so I need clarification or proof, which is the right Samuel Edward Moore or Sam'l.

There is also conflict over the name Ellen Tucker, there is more than one or one who has a different age or lied about her age for marriage or something. Unfortunately for me I did not ever meet Ellen's daughter, she died shortly after my grandfather was born in 1899. He was a Peters.

Thanks in advance if anyone can help.
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Re: MOORE, Samuel Edward - Jamaica and Australia

Postby colin » Sat Jan 07, 2017 8:20 pm

Hi Judy

The Mary Ann came off the Victorian BD&M, no surname as you can see by my first post .

I found our Samuel buried in a paupers grave in Ballarat.

    Unassisted Immigration to Victoria
    Index of Inward Passenger Lists for British and Foreign Ports 1852-1911
    Surname: MOORE
    Victoria, Australia, Assisted and Unassisted Passenger Lists, 1839–1923

    About Samuel Moore
    Name: Samuel Moore
    Estimated birth year: abt 1830
    Age: 24
    Arrival Date: Dec 1854
    Arrival Port: Port Phillip Bay, Australia
    Departure Port: London
    Ship: Stebonheath
    Nationality: English

My great grandfather was Charles Gmoore and he was named after the ship, he is buried in the Echuca Cemetery, we put the headstone on his unmarked grave years ago.

Samuel was white as stated on the boat register and Ellen a creole, you sure can see it in a picture of Henrietta Moore, she looks exactly like a creole.
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Re: MOORE, Samuel Edward - Jamaica and Australia

Postby judy » Tue Jan 10, 2017 10:23 pm

I am happy to find this Colin - thank you so much, I will get back to you about where I can find this photo.
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Re: MOORE, Samuel Edward - Jamaica and Australia

Postby colin » Tue Jan 10, 2017 11:17 pm

I have it judy I sent my contact on private messgae .colin
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