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MILLER, Joseph Alexander

PostPosted: Mon Dec 21, 2009 4:05 pm
by bimjim
MILLER, Joseph Alexander

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Arrived Sydney, Australia circa 1879 as a Ship's Cook. His stated birth date 31 August 1854.

Stated place of birth on various documents were Jamaica, Canada, and England.

Records show a marriage in Sydney on 29 January 1890 to a Mary Ann Lake born abt 1864 in London Or Hartfordshire UK.

Joseph A MILLER officially married Ann Elizabeth CHALKER (to whom seven of his nine children were born) in 1927, when all the children were adults.

He claimed (stated on an uncle's death certificate) his own father was Joseph MILLER, a Mariner who married a Margaret TURNER at St. Ann's Bay, Jamaica.

He also claimed that there were 3 sisters living in Kingston, Jamaica circa 1920's. Their names were Annie, Hattie and Sarah MILLER.

There is oral family evidence that JA's first son, Charles Hampden MILLER, as a Ship Steward, visited Kingston about 1912.

Charles Hampden MILLER was killed in France in WW1.

Seeking info on both grandfather MILLER and great-grand father and g-g-mother Margaret MILLER (TURNER).

Also, if the three sisters in Kingston married and had descendants, it would be nice to know if those relatives still are living.