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CHAMBERS,Jamaica, Hanover

PostPosted: Wed Nov 05, 2008 11:54 pm
by Messages
I am trying to find information on my mothers side of family. My mothers maiden name is Rita Chambers who married Alphaeus Petgrave. My Grandfather name was Ernest Chambers, he had 2 brothers Bill and Bob and 2 sisters Mary and Maggie. My grandfather was a fisherman in Lucea, Chissum Beach. My grandmother was not married to my grandfather her name was Ellen or Helen Campbell she married and was named Ellen or Helen Bucknor. My mother does not remember her Grandmothers name because she was young when she died but she remembers she use to take laundry in and wash and iron them I think thats the cause of her death she caught neumonia. My mother remembers her Great Grandmother she said people use top call her "Mother Johnson". My mother lived in Roslyn, Lucea. If anyone is related or has any information on my family please let me know. My grandmother had 6 sons with her husband and the eldest my mother with Ernest Chambers. I only had the opportunity to meet my Grandmother for 6 weeks when we travelled to Jamaica. When we came back home to England in 1977 , she died. Her funeral was advertised in the papers she used to attend a Presbytarian Church. Please help me. I was so happy and lucky to meet the most loving person for 6 weeks. Thankyou