MAYERS - St. Vincent, Richmond Hill

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MAYERS - St. Vincent, Richmond Hill

Postby momlane » Thu May 24, 2007 1:20 pm

Elaine - Trying to find information on my father, Joseph Mayers born in St. Vincent BWI, March 23, 1889, and his family.

Two different names listed for father and mother. Father's names Abel and Thomas, mother's names Lether Holder and Mary Holder, on two different certificates.

I don't know how long he lived in St. Vincent but, in 1910 married Florence Jane Mottley, in Trinidad. They had three children all have died. His wife died in 1920, in Trinidad.

He came to New York, in 1919 and was a lodger at the home of Joseph Banfield and family. Joseph Banfield was born in St. Vincent, Kingstown. They might be family.

My father and mother were married in 1931 and lived in Brooklyn, NY

He died in 1947. Thanking you in advance.
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MAYERS - St. Vincent, Richmond Hill

Postby JEM » Mon Dec 21, 2015 2:49 am

I am also looking for information on my grandfather Joseph Mayers born in St. Vincent BWI, March 23, 1889, and his family.
While not enough to authenticate any bloodline, photos of Samuel Mayers in Barbados certainly show strong physical characteristics to my father and brother, Edward Emmanuel Mayers. There is also anecdotal records of family links to Bradshaws but not sure about this link.

Joseph Mayers was married to Florence Jane Mottley whose father was Charles Mottley. Would love more information on this relative, my grandmother who live at 1 Maraval Road in North Western District of Port of Spain, Trinidad where my father was born. The mystery as to why he did not stay with his 2 brothers in Trinidad but was taken to Barbados to live with his godmother Edith Watkins nee Redman is a huge question for me.

Any insights/connections greatly appreciated.
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