More success stories...

The Admin sees about 4 good connections a month... if this Index helped you, would you please share the good news with us?

More success stories...

Postby bimjim » Thu Mar 14, 2013 2:09 pm

From emails sent to me directly...


I want to update you on an ongoing, evolving success story as a result of your website.

On 15 Feb 2013, I received a "Topic Reply Notification" email Alert. I sent an immediate (Private) message to the poster and got back a quick reply. Since then, we have exchanged many emails and much data, as well as uncovered several other Volney family members who are willing to share data.

We are slowly piecing together a much larger family tree for a family which is now dispersed throughout the globe: Caribbean, England, Australia, Canada, USA, etc.

It took two years since my original post for these connections to materialize, but it is yet another example of the beauty and usefulness of your website, as well as the virtue of patience...


Your site has certainly given me more insight into one particular branch of my family tree (Nash) and I do appreciate it.
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