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JOHNSON, HOLLOWAY - Caribbean, Any

Postby Johnson/Holloway » Mon Jan 21, 2013 7:50 am

Hello Everyone:

I am seeking information about Sophia and Wade Holloway who had a child named Savannah, born around 1888. Savannah was very fair in complexion and had red hair.

Sophia, Savannah's mothers maiden name was Johnson. Sophia died when Savannah was 9 years old, and after her death Wade Holloway - her father - abandoned her, leaving her to be shipped around to various relatives finally being partly raised by a cousin, Tony (Anthony) Rodgers who my grandmother said had two families, a black one and a white one and there were children from both.

She only lived with the Rodgers family until she was 14. Rodgers would travel to and fro according to my grandmother to what she is sure must have been the Caribbean from his description of the water, the landscape, the climate and the appearance of the people and the music. This leads me to believe that my grandmother's family was most likely from the Caribbean as well since they seemed to travel freely and Rodgers travel time seemed to be relatively quick compared to the time it would have taken him to get back and forth, not to mention the expense to and from Europe.

Since all of the names she remembered were all fairly common ones of the time and most of the surnames would have been associated with English names of some form, it does not give me a lot to go on.

We were told by my grandmother that her maternal grandfather Johnson did not like it in Texas (which is where she says she was born although through birth record searches I have been unable to verify that) so he decided to go back to wherever they came from leading me to believe that he must have appeared white (as did my grandmother) in order to travel freely, and that the Rodgers fellow who worked often as a traveling salesman must have appeared white in order to both have such a job in the late 1800's to early 1900's and be allowed to travel so easily.

My grandmother said she had relatives that were as white as snow and as dark as night and she remembers her aunts could dance all night with a container of water set upon their heads and never spill a drop. Which also leads me to believe that my grandmother was not born in the US because she never made mention of living with any of these aunts as a child, seems like she would not have forgotten that.

Anyhow, I know it is not much to go on, but I am hoping to be able to find at least a fragment of my maternal ancestry somehow.

Thanks Much!
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