Ships from Caribbean to New England in 1600's

For listing names of passengers, dates and ships which you may have found and wish to share.
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Ships from Caribbean to New England in 1600's

Post by Marie Owen » Tue Jun 03, 2014 10:57 am

Hi, can anyone tell me the names of ships or passenger lists that went from Caribbean to New England about 1662 approx.? I am looking for a Roger Casey who was taken by Cromwell from Ireland I would think about 1658 and sent to somewhere we do not know, but think it could have been Caribbean. In a letter released on the internet by PRO in England in 2012, and written by Father Maynard in late 1600's it mentions Roger Casey, who had been freed early from his 7 year apprenticeship and travelled to Acadia (Nova Scotia) from New England in 1665. It does not appear Cromwell had men in New England so possibly went to New England from somewhere else. Anyone who can help with this conundrum I would be very grateful. Perhaps someone who knows the history might be aware of places where Cromwell had apprentices and slaves.
Thanks Marie from Oz

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