SHEPHERD - Barbados

Requests Posted here are for persons who are local to various Archives or Record Offices, or who are asking for others to check reference books for ancestors connected with Caribbean genealogy.
If documents are requested which would need to be paid for, please also state your preferred method of payment (PayPal, Postal Order, draft, etc.) - and preferably your limit on expenditure.
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SHEPHERD - Barbados

Post by cshepherd » Mon Oct 09, 2017 4:35 am

Hello: I am searching some my family members on my father's side. I have very little information but a lot of names.

On my grandmothers side I have the names of the following women; Shepherd, Millar and Connell. I believe Florence Millar 1870 - 1961, to be my Great Great Grandmother and Alma Shepherd 1893 - 1974, to be my Great Grandmother, and Ismay Shepherd 1910 - 1989, is my Grandmother. All passed away in Barbados. Ismay has two sisters Elsie Jones and her other sister's name is unknown to me at this point. I also have the names of Gladys Connell 1900 - 1976, and Mary Shepherd (Ismay's sister maybe?) Ismay lived on Lukes Avenue and on Queen Street in St. Michael with her sister and both may have lived or been born in Guyana.

On my grandfathers side I have the names; Miles or Niles. Cecil Miles died between 1956 - 1963 I think. I believe he was a police officer in Barbados and lived at one time in Whitepark St. Michael. Cecil's father (name unknown) was a shoemaker and lived with his wife in Whitepark St. Michael. Cecil had four siblings that I know of; Victor, Stanley and Neville born 1908? possible twins and Dorothy (marrried surname Bishop). Dorothy lived in Montreal, Canada until 2001 where I suspect she may have passed away.

A lot of information I know but, I'm hoping that someone will know some of these names and I would be happy to connect with you.


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