HOWARD - Jamaica

Requests Posted here are for persons who are local to various Archives or Record Offices, or who are asking for others to check reference books for ancestors connected with Caribbean genealogy.
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HOWARD - Jamaica

Post by Yetunde » Fri Jun 17, 2016 6:50 pm

Hello Everyone!

I need some help please :)

Meet Neville George Howard my mother's second cousin. He lives in Wales.

I recently met Neville's grandson Louis Howard via an Ancestry DNA test match. Grandpa Neville is 88 years old and is looking for his siblings. He lost contact with all his family when he came to the UK in the 1940s

Neville's father is Isaac Emanuel Howard and Isaac's brother is Kamel Emanuel Howard. It is unfortunate that my Mum knows very little about her wider family as Kamel Howard her Dad, relocated to White Sand Saint Ann (he too had limited contact with the family) :(

The family originate from Saint Elizabeth, some members moved to Trelawny and others to Kingston.

We will be grateful for any information we can get, we just want to reconnect Pappy with his family.


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