Lineage of Alice B Cato

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Lineage of Alice B Cato

Postby theslimone » Wed Mar 23, 2011 9:15 pm


I'm trying to trace my roots back. I was able to get back as far as my great-great grand mother and after that I seem to have hit a brick wall. My grandmothers name was Francess Williams, born 1910 died in 1992 she had two children by Joseph John. Her parents were Alice B Cato John and Joseph Williams. Alice's parents were Philicity Cato and George Cato. I dont have any dates as to when those individuals were born or died. Any help with any names branching out would be greatly appreciated. I would like to see how far back i can trace my ancestry and who may have been slaves and also the time period that they lived in. I am doing this for myself and also for my children to have link to their past.

Also the name Cato im assuming it is with a C rather than a K as in Kato

THANKS for your help in advan(e
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