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PostPosted: Wed Jan 10, 2018 11:27 pm
by Fuzzbuket
Hello Lovely People,

I will take my mandatory post as an opportunity to represent my family. I was born in St. Maarten but raised in the USA. I have not met many members of my family due to my father's issues with addiction. Those I have met cannot answer my questions about my grandparents, how the name Mathew came about, where our ancestors originated,etc.

Anyway, I would like to know who preceded my great great grandfather Peter Richard Mathew 1829-1905, as well as more about my grandmother, who was born in Anguilla, Marjorie Ulrica Webster, daughter of William or Wilson Ethelred and Rebecca Ann Lloyd. She died in 1970 in Curacao.

I hope someone can help me piece together this puzzle!

Emeera Mathew