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LANGLEY - Jamaica, Kingston

PostPosted: Fri Nov 06, 2015 7:38 am
by MickC
I am attempting to locate the ancestors of David Langley. David was listed on the shipping records for the 'Loch Fyne' out of Glasgow Scotland 1879 arriving Sydney Australia Feb 1880. He was a cook and his age and nationality recorded as 19 - West Indies. I now have crew agreement confirming that David was a crew member on merchant vessel "Innisfail". This voyage departed Rotterdam on 12 Apr 1879 and terminated on 30 Oct 1879 in Hamburg. Documents also confirm that David was already contracted on the crew prior to that time. Assuming his age was correct for both voyages, his birth date must have been between Dec 1859 and Apr 1860.

He lived his life in Australia as David Munro having deserted Loch Fyne in early 1880 but on his death certificate in Jan 1933, he is again listed as David Langley. His parents were Lewis Langley (plumber) and Frances Barry. Lewis was listed as deceased on David's wedding cert in 1910.

He was buried in the C of E section of Rookwood cemetery NSW Australia.

There are also unconfirmed accounts that David was of educated upbringing and stature. He had mixed ancestry but not sure if his mother was African heritage or his father. Given the approx ages of his parents it is possible that one of them may have been born into slavery or very soon after it was abolished.

There is also a family story that they came from adjacent plantations (Langley and Barry) and may have taken their names from them.

Any help is greatly appreciated.