LYNCH names in Jamaica

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LYNCH names in Jamaica

Postby bimjim » Sun Oct 07, 2012 3:10 pm

Here is a listing of LYNCH names in Jamaica from 1657 onwards.

(From my personal point of view it may be useful to note that Sir Thomas Lynch - who was sometime Governor of Jamaica - was not Irish, nor was he related to the Irish Lynch family in Jamaica and the rest of the Caribbean, but was born in England and had Royal patronage. Back in those days the Irish were despised, harassed, disposessed, transported and sometimes sold into all forms of slavery, and there was zero chance any of them could have become Administrator of anywhere, not even in Ireland.)

LYNCH, Aileen Mercedes
LYNCH, Alfred Larchin
LYNCH, Anne Elizabeth
LYNCH, Arthur McKenzie
LYNCH, Austin Neville
LYNCH, Basil Willoughby
LYNCH, Benjamin Banton
LYNCH, Benjamin H.
LYNCH, Caroline Lucille
LYNCH, Caroline Robertha
LYNCH, Charlotte Jackson
LYNCH, Christine Angella
LYNCH, Christopher Murray
LYNCH, Cynthia
LYNCH, Daisy
LYNCH, Dennis Hylton
LYNCH, Derek Shaun Hylton
LYNCH, Edward Bancroft
LYNCH, Edward Henry
LYNCH, Eleanor Banton
LYNCH, Elizabeth
LYNCH, Elizabeth Banton
LYNCH, Elizabeth Eleanor
LYNCH, Ethlyn
LYNCH, Frances Jane
LYNCH, Francis Robertson
LYNCH, Georgiana Gordon
LYNCH, Gladys
LYNCH, Grace Anne
LYNCH, Henry Mark
LYNCH, Houston Stewart
LYNCH, Howard
LYNCH, Howard Jr.
LYNCH, Humphrey
LYNCH, Hyacinth Louise
LYNCH, Hylton Wright
LYNCH, Jacqueline Patrice
LYNCH, Jaison Murray
LYNCH, Jasper Augustus
LYNCH, John Hylton
LYNCH, John Moncrieffe
LYNCH, John Saunders
LYNCH, Jonathan Murray
LYNCH, Judith
LYNCH, Kathleen Dorothea
LYNCH, Larkin
LYNCH, Leary
LYNCH, Leila Lucille
LYNCH, Leonie
LYNCH, Leopold Augustus
LYNCH, Lois Fay (Bunny)
LYNCH, Lynette
LYNCH, Margaret Banton
LYNCH, Maria Cropman
LYNCH, Marion
LYNCH, Martha Ann
LYNCH, Mary (Ann) Jane McDonald
LYNCH, Mary Elizabeth
LYNCH, Maxine Barbara
LYNCH, Muriel Editha
LYNCH, Myra Elizabeth
LYNCH, Olive
LYNCH, Patricia
LYNCH, Philip John
LYNCH, Priscilla
LYNCH, Robert Bowen
LYNCH, Thomas Emanuel
LYNCH, William
LYNCH, Winston Vivian
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Re: LYNCH names in Jamaica

Postby jsobiz » Mon Dec 14, 2015 8:11 pm

I have the following LYNCH names in my tree to date:

1. Lynch, Hannah Jane (b.1909)
2. Lynch, Hannah Louise (b.1913)
3. Lynch, James Henry
4. Lynch, Theopholus
5. Lynch, Thomas Alonzo (b.1906)
6. Lynch, Wilhelmina Maud (1913 - 1985)
7. Lynch, Zechariah Emanuel (b.1868)

All from St. Ann.
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