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LAVINE family from Barbados

PostPosted: Mon Dec 17, 2007 2:33 pm
by Caterina
My great-grandfathers name was Adelbert Lavine from Barbados. He had a brother called Clairmonte Lavine who was a bus driver. His mothers name could be Madgie Lavine(unsure) and her fathers name was Robert Lavine b.1804/5 d. 1870.
Adelbert had 10 children that i know of: Gabriel, Hallam(Birmingham, UK), Patrick(i think Barbados), Beaulah(US), Mariette Dyal(US), Margueite(US), Hercules, Gerine, Frederick Fitzherbert Haynes(london,UK) and Darwin Edwards(US). If anyone had any info please let me know!

Im also looking for the family of these names;
Robert Lavine JR
Catherine Anne Lavine (marrided to a Joshua Brathwaite)
Coleride Brathwaite
Joseph Nathaniel Lavine
Charles Cyril Lavine
Elise Lavine
Daphe Lavine(marrided to Gerald King)
Francis Lavine
Dorothy Anne Lavine(marrided to a John Nathaniel Murray)
Delphina Lavine
Clarence Lavine
Edward Decourcey Hinds
Seabert Haynes

PostPosted: Fri Dec 26, 2008 11:02 pm
by ray charles
Catherine Lavine Brathwaite is my grandmother, Joshua Brathwaite was my grandfather, Coleridge Brathwaite is my father. I have a brother and a sister living in Toronto, and a sister living in Barbados.

Adelbert Lavine was better known as Johnny Delbert, and he lived in Rock Dundo, St James, Barbados before he moved to England.

There are several Lavines and the largest group of the Clan are the Brathwaites.

Hallam is still in Birmingham, Gabriel died last year, Beaulah, Patrick and Darwin are still in Brooklyn NY.

Oslyn King (daughter of Daphney Lavine and Gerald King) who is living in NY probably has more of the family history as she started the research.

There are a few names missing from your post - like Husky, Oddie and Aubrey Lavine, who are brothers to Elise Lavine. There are two other brothers whose names I will try to provide later.

Lavine Family from Barbados.

PostPosted: Tue Dec 30, 2008 3:27 pm
by Caterina

I am already in contact with Oslin King and she has helped me with the family tree, Since then i have found other family members. I have all those names that you have mentioned but i would like to know more about the information that you have and what you can tell me about the family. I also have an . tree that i would like to show you of all my research.

Would we great if you can contact me.