Don Mitchell's West Indian Bibliography

Is there anything you have read that you think would be useful to others researching their genealogy? (Please supply the full name and author).
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Don Mitchell's West Indian Bibliography

Post by bimjim » Wed Jan 20, 2010 5:57 pm

Don Mitchell's West Indian Bibliography

Caribbean Books and Pamphlets
By: Don Mitchell CBE QC
From 1492 to the Present
English-language Non-Fiction of the West Indies

From the Foreword:

Mitchell's West Indian Bibliography has been a labour of love. In its earlier stages I sometimes saw its compiler walking around with stacks of computer-generated paper the full significance of which I did not guess, and I wrote him off as a somewhat nutty collector of printed works. I still suspect that things began that way. But here we have an immensely valuable product for which all who work or play with West Indian non-fiction will be deeply grateful, even the academics who might wish in some respects it were yet larger. There is no equivalent publication which is less than twenty years out of date, and none at all which is still in print.

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