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KING - St. John, Barbados

PostPosted: Mon Apr 18, 2011 1:56 am
by mtking
Interested in information on the King's from St. John, Barbados.

This is what I have: My parents - father Gerald King Born 1934 St. John Barbados and Daphne Gooding St. Michael, Barbados - came to Canada in the late 1950's.

Gerald's parents were Hampton Oliver king and Helen Gueilda Croney.

Hampton Oliver's parents were George Chatman King and Henrietta Jane Croney they had eight children Emily Augusta, Catherine Elizabeth, George Clifford, Benjamin Austin, Caroline Alberta, William Dudley, Hampton Oliver and Worrell Noel.

I believe George Chapman king's partents were Michael King and Sarah Ann (???) I believe they had 3 children Joseph Nathaniel, Mary King and George Chapman.

Also have Gooding, Gill surnames on my mother's side.