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PRADA - Portugal to Guiria, Venezuela to Trinidad

PostPosted: Tue Jul 12, 2016 10:35 pm
by mike2

I am researching Camilo Prada who married Maria Basilia Malvina da Costa aka Corrado and who lived in Guiria in Venezuela, then moved to Trinidad, where he died, in 1875.

Re: PRADA - Portugal to Guiria, Venezuela to Trinidad

PostPosted: Sat Jul 23, 2016 4:44 pm
by Borrome
What information are you looking for? Do you have any information about when he lived in Guiria and/or Trinidad?
I know that in Guiria there were some Prada.
Camilo Prada Birth Estimated 1859 or any relative birth?


Re: PRADA - Portugal to Guiria, Venezuela to Trinidad

PostPosted: Sat Jul 23, 2016 6:12 pm
by mike2
Hi Ramon,

I am trying to find out where Camilo Prada and/or his wife Maria Basilia Malvina "Corrado" Da Costa came from. They had five children that i know of. I am not sure that they were born in Guiria except for the youngest who i have documents stating he was born in Guiria. There are no church records with Prada until much later . He was most probably a Jew from Portugal. He may have come to Guiria from Trinidad, Coro Venezuela, or Curacao, after leaving Madiera Portugal. When his children got married in Guiria the priest had to get permission from the Archbishop in Caracas- that is usually because one of the couple is not of the catholic faith. Camilo moved to trinidad around 1870. He had the following children :
1. Camilio 2. Jorge Washington 3. Rosa Hortenzia 4. Pedro Louis 5. Enrique

I am researching and have filled out the line for Camilio, He is the grandfather of the grandmother of my wife. I would love to contact anyone in Guiria, who can tell me of any records of planters or businessmen who lived in Guiria around 1850, since national civil records didnt start until 1873. Some of the Prada family returned to Guiria. Perhaps one of the Prada family in Guiria can point to me someone who would know the history of the family.

Here is some more information:

Jorge Washington Prada (born about 1848) had a cocoa trading business in Guiria and Port of Spain, trinidad, took part in the first Venezuelan Census, married Carmen Garcia and died in 1883. Carmen died in Guiria in 1936. He had a good friend Lieutenant Simon Tinoco (born 1841) who worked with him in the Census and who married his sister Rosa Hortenzia. Simon's father (geronimo tinoco) , uncle, and brother were influencial people in Guiria in the 1800's. Simon was a soldier serving under General Peter Ducharme in the Coro Revolution against President Guzman, when the general was captured and killed near Guiria in January 1875.

Pedro (born about 1850) married Maria de Jesus Blanc (born about 1862)from the village of Mapire (near to Guiria). First daughter of Antonio blanc and Virginia Trujillo. Virginia dad was a businessman and planter in Guiria: Julian Trujillo. The father of Antonio Blanc was born Marseilles in France (and his father from Genoa Italy), travelled to Trinidad then went to Guiria to plant Cocoa. He lived in the nearby village of Mapire. Enrique Prada married the younger sister of Maria de Jesus Blanc: Virginia. He became a doctor and a mayor of Port of Spain Trinidad. Both Pedro (1880) and Enrique married the sisters in Trinidad.

I have a lot of information on the brothers and sister of Camilio but not too much on their children and nothing on his parents Camilo and Corrado.

So i keep looking and hopefully with the a little help, would find more.

Re: PRADA - Portugal to Guiria, Venezuela to Trinidad

PostPosted: Sat Jul 23, 2016 6:16 pm
by mike2
Camilio Prada was the son of Camilo Prada. Camilio was born around 1859.

Re: PRADA - Portugal to Guiria, Venezuela to Trinidad

PostPosted: Wed Jul 27, 2016 12:12 am
by Borrome
Hi Mike,
I am researching the descendants of Camilo Prada and Maria Basilia. I have some information of their children in Guiria. I have contacted families in Trinidad, they know a Pradas.
I have family information on the names you provided, in order to avoid duplication of information and time, please let me know your priorities.
Julian and Vicente Trujillo were friends and had business relationship with my family.
I do not have information of the Pradas family business.
Is your name Mike?

Re: PRADA - Portugal to Guiria, Venezuela to Trinidad

PostPosted: Wed Jul 27, 2016 3:40 pm
by Borrome
Hi Mike,
Marriage: Sept. 12, 1936. Medical Doctor Luis Manuel Paliz & Olga Maria Rauseo Prada daughter of Pedro Luis Rauseo & Carmen Prada.
Marriage: Dic. 12, 1936. Luis Eleazar Balza Martinez and Margot Rauseo Prada, daughter Pedro Luis Rauseo y Carmen Prada. Witnesses: Doctor Luis Manuel Palis, Luis Octavio Rauseo Prada, Carmen Prada Rauseo, Carmen Mercedes Rauseo Prada Rodriguez, Olga Rauseo Prada Palis, etc.
Marriage: Dic. 27, 1935. Jose Anibal Rodriguez Vanasoste & Concepcion Maria Rauseo Prada, daughter of Pedro Luis Rauseo & Carmen Prada.

Marriage: Oct. 28, 1931. Tomas Rodriguez Perez (widow) & Carmen Morandi Rauseo Prada, daughter of Pedro Luis Rauseo & Carmen Prada de Rauseo. Witnesses Margot Rauseo Prada, etc.
Marriage: Dic. 15, 1919. Manuel Maria Rodriguez Perez & Julia del Carmen Morandi Prada, daughter of Francisco Morandi Dautant & Maria de Jesus Prada. Witnesses Carmen Prada de Rauseo, etc.
Marriage: Oct. 10, 1917. Eyewitnesses Juan Borrome (my grandfather) & Carmen widow of Prada.

Birth: August 11, 1873 Susana Teresa del Carmen Prada, daughter of Washington Prada & Carmen Garcia. Godparents: Pedro Luis Prada & Paulina Carrasquel Garcia.
Baptism: May 30, 1853. . Godparents: Julian Trujillo & Virginia Trujillo de Blanc.
Baptism: April 1854. Amalia, daugther of Bertrana Trujillo. Godparents: Jose Vicente Solis with Virginia Trujillo de Blanc.
Death: July 31, 1937 Carmen Garcia Prada.

Baptism: April 12, 1883. Constantina Lopez Borrome (my grandmother) daughter of Sandalia Borrome & Cipriano Lopez. Godparents: Vicente Trujillo y Josefa widow Vanasoste.
Baptism: birth July 3, 1773, Eloy Lopez son of Sandalia Borrome & Cipriano Lopez (my great grandparents). Godparent: Julian Trujillo.
Baptism: Feb. 1843 Emmanuel Borrome son of “Amenayda” Borrome. Godparents: Antonio Blanc y Paulina Chevalier
Marriage: Dic. 15, 1889. Witnesses: Julian Trujillo & Sandalia Borrome Lopez (my great grandmather)
Birth: February 23, 1881, Saturnina daughter Cipriano Lopez & Sandalia Borrome Lopez. Godparents: Vicente Trujillo & Florencia Matos.

Information fromTrinidad and Tobago: Cora Prada (from Trinidad) & Peter Waddell live in Toronto. I'm waiting for more information.
Do you have any of the above information?


Re: PRADA - Portugal to Guiria, Venezuela to Trinidad

PostPosted: Thu Jul 28, 2016 12:46 am
by mike2
1. jorge Washington Prada and Carmen Garcia married 30 Nov 1871 in Guiria , child of Camilo Prada and Corano (Maria Basilia Malvina) Da Costa, daughter of Juan Garcia and Paulina Corrasquez.
2. Octavio Prada – Died 3 July 1905 aged 22 in Guiria, son of Washington Prada and Carmen Garcia.
3. Pedro Louis Rouseo + Carmen Philomena Prada married 27 Jan 1906 in Guiria Son of Bernardo Rouseo and Mary McKracken, Daughter of Washington Prada and Carmen Garcia
4. Olga Maria Rouseo Prada daughter of Pedro Luis rouseo & Carmen prada – married Manuel Louis Paliz MD son of Abraham and Narcisa Peliz - 12 sept 1936 guiria
5. Jorge Guillermo Prada and Melania Sifontes (cousins) married on 23 Feb 1903 in Guiria. Son of Washington Prada and Carmen Garcia and Mamerto Sifontes and Eloisa Marin - witness Maria Jesus Prada ( Marmeto Sifontes is brother to Dr Manuel Antonio Sifontes – Dr Manuel Sifontes had a son by the same name who was a dentist in Trinidad. )
6. Simon tinoco & Rosa Hortencia Prada married on 10 december 1871 children of Geronimo tinoco and Martina Fereira and Camilo Prada & Corano Dacosta (witness Felicia blanc de Finoco
7. Jorge Camilo Prada - Son of Washington Prada and Carmen Garcia died 20 oct 1872
8. Julia Del Carmen Morandi daughter of Maria de jesus Prada and Francisco Morandi married manuel Maria Rodriguez Perez son of Tomas Rodriguez rojas and clementine Perez in guiria on 15 dec 1919 – Julia died on march 21 1923

9. Ricarda prada Born 7th februry 1894 in guiria – mother Maria Prada

10. Edwin Leo Shedd (Lutheran minister) & Pauline Prada sifontes – married in Guiria – 27 november 1934 – Children of Jorge prada de Garcia and Melania Sifontes & Archibald Shedd and Mary A Norman
11. Virginia Sifontes was born on 28 march 1869 in guiria. parents Manuel Antonio Sifontes and Olimpia Batistini de Sifontes - god father branbio sifontes
12. Antonio Raphael Sifontes – born 7 november 1893 in guiria son of Marmeto Sifontes and Eloisa Marin – god mother melania sifontes,
13. Conception Sifontes was born on 05 may 1884 in guiria. parents Manuel Antonio Sifontes and Olimpia Batistini de Sifontes

Re: PRADA - Portugal to Guiria, Venezuela to Trinidad

PostPosted: Thu Jul 28, 2016 1:15 am
by mike2
Carmen (Philomena) Prada is the daughter of Jorge Washington prada and Carmen Garcia
You have a record of Carmen Garcia de Prada dying on july 31st 1937.
JW Prada + Carmen Garcia had these children –
• Jorge Camilo Prada (1872-1872)
• Jose Camilo Antonio Prada (1874 - )
• Jorge Guillermo Prada
• Octavio Prada ( 1883-1905) – he was born the year his father died
• Carmen Philomena Prada
Jorge Guillermo Prada married his cousin – Melania Sifontes. They had the following children –
• Ofilia Prada (1898-) born guiria, lived trinidad, lived New York USA
• Andres Prada (1907-1995) born guiria, lived Trinidad, lived new york, USA, married Ada Contasti from Coro Venezuela, had one son Andres Prada born 1943 – died in Florida USA
• Eloise prada (1908-) born guiria, lived Trinidad, lived new york USA.
• Pauline Prada - married Edwin Shedd in guiria

You do not have the following children of Pedro Luis Rauseo + Carmen (Philomena) Prada.
Bernardo Jose Rauseo - born guiria, married Victoria del Carmen Morales in Timotes, merida, Venezuela – 25 august 1945
Brigida Rauseo – born guiria 1905, lived in New York, married Angel Cobo (also from Venezuela) on 14 june 1926 – died march 1990 USA Consulate, caracas Venezuela.

Re: PRADA - Portugal to Guiria, Venezuela to Trinidad

PostPosted: Thu Jul 28, 2016 1:32 am
by mike2
Thank you for all the information. I have shared what I have with you. How are you related to Prada? My wife is Lisa -

Lisa is the daughter of the daughter of Ethne Prada (1925-2007) born Trinidad
Ethne married Erminio Mosca
Ethne is the daughter of Francisco Guillermo Prada (1892-1975)
Francisco married Ruth Trimmingham
Francisco is the son of Camilio Prada (not sure where is born – maybe guiria) 1958-1913
Camilio married Charlotte Contant in Trinidad
Camilio is the Son of Camilo Prada and Corrado Da Costa.

Prada would have lived in the town of Guiria. They were traders, they would have had a shop or store in Guiria. Do you know how I can get records of the people who paid taxes in Guiria around 1850, or if there are any records in the cabildo house that would show when camilo bought and/or sold land or house in guiria or around guiria?

Re: PRADA - Portugal to Guiria, Venezuela to Trinidad

PostPosted: Thu Jul 28, 2016 1:38 am
by mike2
Do you now that Guiria Church records are available on the internet free?

Click on this link... ... cc=1951777

Re: PRADA - Portugal to Guiria, Venezuela to Trinidad

PostPosted: Tue Aug 23, 2016 7:41 pm
by Borrome
Hi Mike 2,

1-You have the documented information of the Prada family. The Pradas were very influential people in both Guiria and Trinidad.

2- The information I have sent you is from the same Web Site that you have indicated.

3- I do not have information on the blood relationship with the Pradas

4- I am searching for information on the death certificate of my grandfather, Juan Borrome, who died in Martinique sometime after 1925. He was born in Irapa, located in the state of Sucre.

5 – The notary/ registered documents in Guiria are from 1948, all documents dated before 1948 are found in registry offices in Irapa and Cumana

PD: I live outside of Venezuela

Re: PRADA - Portugal to Guiria, Venezuela to Trinidad

PostPosted: Tue Aug 23, 2016 7:49 pm
by Borrome
Hi Mike,

I know a Francisco Prada, who was manager of the Oil Industry (PDVSA) in Venezuela, retired currently residing in USA.

Re: PRADA - Portugal to Guiria, Venezuela to Trinidad

PostPosted: Wed Aug 24, 2016 1:14 am
by Borrome
I have in my files: Carmen (b.1847), Juana (b.1848) and Pedro (b.1851) Rauseo, children of Pedro Rauseo y Francisca Borrome or Borromee. Francisca Borrome, sister of the father of my great great grandfather.

Re: PRADA - Portugal to Guiria, Venezuela to Trinidad

PostPosted: Thu Sep 08, 2016 5:28 pm
by Borrome
Hi Mike,
- your wife Lisa M. like 50 years old?
- Carl ? lived in Calgary ?
- Who is Gloria? married to Edghill in Trinidad.
- Odette ? died in NY?
- Grace ? married to Figuera ?
- Which daughter of Ethne is married to surname Blanch?
- Bunny ? married to Rosemary Rochemont ? her brother James live in Toronto married to Mena Ahloy Pazos (Trinidad)
- Mena Ahloy Pazos is my wife's aunt.

Summary information:
Ellen Ahloy, my wife's great-grandmother.

- D. 1929. The funeral of Mrs. Ellen Ahloy, relic of the late Charles Chang Ahloy, took place on Tuesday afternoon to the Church of the Holy Rosary, thence to Lapeyrouse Cemetery. She leaves to mourn their loss ones son, Mr. J. L.. Ahloy (the Trinidad Trading Co.)(his wife Maria Pazos was bridesmaid marriage of Ruth and Francisco Prada.)........

among others who attended the funeral....., , , F. Prada, Kong, V. L. Ottier, Auguste, I. Daniel, Miguel Barcelo, R. Searle, Geo. Homer, Leon Rosemin, Nathaniel (2), A. and C. Francis, Barrington, P. Hezekiah, B. F. Greaves, Master J., F. Hernandez, M. Chimmings, Joseph , H. de Castro, J. Flament, C. McCarthy, Chinasing, Caracciolo, Dr., Winnie and Harry Siung, etc.....

Re: PRADA - Portugal to Guiria, Venezuela to Trinidad

PostPosted: Fri Sep 09, 2016 12:19 am
by mike2
Hey Ramon,

Like a good Genealogy detective, you have found my wife Lisa M and me. Good Job. The names listed were all children of Francisco (also called Frank) Prada and Ruth Trimmingham. Frank was the Grandson of Camilo Prada and Maria Basilia Malvina "Corrado" DaCosta and the son of Camilio Prada and Charlotte Contant.

Gloria was baptised Ruth after her mother
Bunny was baptised Frank after his father.

I do not have a marraige record of Francisco and Ruth, the church says that the book is destroyed. How do you know that Maria Pazos was Ruth's Bridesmaid? Did you come across a newspaper article? By 1929 Frank and Ruth would have been married and have three children. In all they had ten children.

Are you researching Pazos and Alhoy also?