ROMANY - Trinidad and Tobago, Maraval, Paramin

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ROMANY - Trinidad and Tobago, Maraval, Paramin

Post by Candice Francois » Fri Sep 18, 2015 4:03 am

I have been flushing out a family tree that includes the Romany Clan from Maraval/Paramin, Trinidad & Tobago. I have a lot of information about Phillip and Ma Jelie's line. Two other lines of the family are trying to figure out where they fit in with the larger group of Romanys. A lot of names that we have are nicknames, so it makes it difficult. Any info on these Romanys would be greatly appreciated.

Line #1 - Phillip Celestine Romany and Ma Jelie (guessing they were born around in the mid 1800s). Kids include:
- Pa Pierre - married to Ma Doka
- Omer - kids included Pele, Mado, Ms. Raymond, Francis, Jules, Marcil, Smith
- Thomas - kids included Papito, Old Man/Dalbat (b. 1900), Toonka, Toom Toom, Godwin, Rose, Mathus, Nelly, Julia
- Tante Nicort
- Tante Clara
- Ma Nias - kids included Frere Cyril and Frere Mark
- Clotide
- Matilde
- Verine

Line #2 - McKenzie Romany and Raymonde Nicholas (guessing they were born around the late 1800s). Kids include:
- John McKenzie Romany (b. 1901) whose kids included Cleave Romany, Bernadette Romany etc.
- Macquis or Marquis Romany
- Stephen Romany
- Lucy Romany
- Louisa Romany
- Christine Romany
- Flora Romany

Line #3 - Leo's line (guessing born in early 1900s). Kids include:
- Baldos
- Raymond
- Rosie
- Doll
- Thora
- Kathleen (post woman) - guessing born in the 1950s
- (Liz) Elizabeth
- Candita

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