SAMUEL, DARIUS, PRYCE, AARON and a Leopold - Trinidad

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SAMUEL, DARIUS, PRYCE, AARON and a Leopold - Trinidad

Post by eva » Mon Nov 20, 2017 7:54 pm

I have hit a brick wall when it comes to finding any information about my grandfather's (my father's father's parents. My grandfather's name was Henry Stephen. No last name or father was recorded on his Birth Record nor on his Baptismal Register. He was born on January 26th 1899 and baptised at the Cathedral Church of the Holy Trinity on April 14th 1899.

His mother's name was Beatrice SAMUEL. Her occupation is listed as Clerk. Would that have been a skilled position? There was no name for the father but the occupation was listed as O.D. Mason. Does anyone know what that could mean?
What's strange is as an adult Henry Stephen went by the surname MASON. However, I have not found proof that this was indeed his father's surname.

A Clarence DARIUS, Leopold (surname illegible), Alice AARON and Alice PRYCE are listed in the "Sponsors or Witnesses" column on Henry Stephen's Baptismal Register. I have no idea if these were relatives or housemates. The Officiating Minister was A.J. SMITH.

Based on my father's DNA, I predict that my grandfather would have been approximately 24% East Asian, 48% Great Britain, 16% Iberian Peninsula, 8% West Asian. Based on this and history, I assume that Beatrice could have been British and then had an illegitimate child with someone's who's family came to Trinidad as an indentured servant?

Any information or suggestions would be greatly appreciated. I have been quite stuck on finding out any information from Trinidad other than this Baptismal Register and the transcript of his birth register.
Baptismal Ceritficate
Transcript of Birth Record
Thank you!


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