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Henry "Harry" Milton JONES - Trinidad

PostPosted: Sat Jan 06, 2007 11:13 pm
by bimjim
Researcher: James Lynch

Looking for any relatives of Henry "Harry" Milton JONES, Joan Paula LYNCH

Joan Paula LYNCH's father was Percy Algernon LYNCH, mother was Amy GRELL

Children Rosalind Diane, Harry Challenor, Peter Rodney, Heather Elizabeth, Felicity, Marilyn Amy.

Seeking any family connections

Re: Henry "Harry" Milton JONES - Trinidad

PostPosted: Mon Apr 23, 2012 4:44 pm
by Spydah
I am a second cousin to the children of Harry Jones and Joan through Joan's mother, Amy. Amy was a sister of my paternal grandfather, Julian Victor Davies Grell. If I could figure out how to attach a picture here I could send a picture of me with Rodney, Challenor, Felicity (FiFi) and Marilyn, as well as one of Chally's children, Jonathan, and another second cousin, Teddy Grell, grandson of Amy and Julian's brother, George. The picture was taken in Barbados last month.

George, Julian and Amy's father, Anthony Andrew Grell, is buried in Westbury Cemetery, Barbados. Amy's grave is there along with the grave of another brother, Jesse, who was a doctor in Port of Spain, and and a sister, Louise, who never married and lived in Barbados.

The family has stong links to Dominica where A.A. Grell was born and where, perhaps, all or some of his 10 children were born. There are still Grells on Dominica and Bellots who are all descended from Jean Grell who emigrated from France and settled briefly on Guadeloupe. Eventually, he relocated to Roseau, Dominica.

Some other names connected to Grell: Sladden (Tobago), Valverde and Keeling (Barbados), Seon (Grenada).

I am actively researching my Grell ancestors who have links to at least 7 Caribbean islands. Please feel free to contact me if you want more information.

Re: Henry "Harry" Milton JONES - Trinidad

PostPosted: Mon Apr 23, 2012 5:41 pm
by bimjim
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Re: Henry "Harry" Milton JONES - Trinidad

PostPosted: Mon Apr 23, 2012 5:57 pm
by bimjim
Apart from being the Owner/Administrator here, I was was the one who Posted the search for Henry "Harry" Milton JONES of Trinidad (actually of Guiana/Guyana originally).

Joan Lynch's father was my great-uncle - his brother was my grandfather.

I am the family genealogist, collecting as much family tree information as possible in a non-traditional format - in other words, I accept and record all connections in every direction as long as there is a familial relationship.

With contributions from others my database has grown to almost 23,000, although I am sure some of those will be duplicates. The database is here...

Here is what I already have of the Grell family... I would very much like to have anything else you can pass on, and if you would like to become one of the users of my family tree on-line and to add/modify family information yourself please register using this form...

Best wishes, cousin...

Jim Lynch


1 Charles Grell b. 1894
+ Francis Milner b. Mar 1861
2 Elsie Frances [Gale] Grell b. 1897
+ Valance Chenery Gale b. ABT. 1890
3 Valence Erol Gale b. 9 Sept 1918
3 Trevor Gale b. 1920
3 Patricia Gale b. 1921
3 Anthony Gale b. 1922
2 John Grell
2 Lorna Grell
2 Mack Grell
2 Richard Grell
2 Margaret Grell b. 1894


Amy Keeling [Lynch] Grell
Birth 1882
Buried 1961 Westbury Cemetery, Barbados
Died 05 Jan 1961 Barbados, West Indies
Family Percy Algernon Lynch, b.1880, Barbados, West Indies, d.1960, Barbados, West Indies
1. Joan Paula Louise [Jones] Lynch, b.1916, d.1980


1 Elsie Frances [Gale] Grell b. 1897
+ Valance Chenery Gale b. ABT. 1890
2 Valence Erol Gale b. 9 Sept 1918
2 Trevor Gale b. 1920
2 Patricia Gale b. 1921
2 Anthony Gale b. 1922