JARRETT, Rev. Ezekiel Wright - Jamaica, Falmouth

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JARRETT, Rev. Ezekiel Wright - Jamaica, Falmouth

Postby Teri » Tue Oct 30, 2012 8:12 pm

My name is Teri. I am searching for birth and marriage records for my great-grandfather, the Rev. Ezekiel Wright JARRETT. Oddly enough, I know a great deal about him because he was a Presbyterian missionary to Old Calabar (present day Cross River State, Nigeria) in the 1880s. He and his wife Margret CLEUGH Jarrett are mentioned in many places, including official records and he is even mentioned in a dissertation on the role of Black West Indian missionaries to Africa. I know that the Rev. JARRETT died in Ikotana (in the former British West Africa) in 1890. I have also found a birth record for a great aunt with the names of both great-grandparents. That is all I have on them as far as official records go.

Ezekiel JARRETT was said to be from the Falmouth area. From the bio of a translation he made while in Old Calabar, it states that his father was an elder in the churches of Bellevue and Reid's Friendship. It also states that Ezekiel JARRETT studied under the Rev. G.B. Alexander at Montego Bay and Ebenezer. JARRETT served as a teacher at Reid's Friendship (I believe it is in Trelawny Parish) and received his theological training at Kingston College under Dr. Robb. He then served as a preacher at Stirling, at Chesterfield, and at Mount Zion before departing for mission service with his wife on 19 October 1882, being stationed first at Duke Town in Old Calabar, later Ikorofiong (where my grandmother was born) and then Ikotana, where he died.

I appreciate any help in finding birth records and/or help in finding out who his parents were.
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