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JALLUM - Caribbean, possibly Barbados?

PostPosted: Sat Dec 24, 2011 7:28 pm
by Hamish
I am hoping to trace any people who have the surname Jallum. My granddaughter's natural grandmother's maiden name was Jallum and as far as I am aware came to Britain post 1950 by boat similar to the Windrush.

Taking into account my granddaughter's features and colouring it suggests that the Jallum family are descended from those unfortunate Indian families who were 'tricked' into emigrating to 'work' in the Caribbean following the abolishion of slavery.

Luckily I know where my ancestors came from but my granddaughter currently only has mine and my husband's family information available and I would like to try to give her a chance to understand and find out more about the other side of her inheritance.

If anyone has come across this surname whilst researching could you please let me know? Likewise if someone may have some clue or hunch about which island the family are linked to - that would also be so helpful?