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PostPosted: Sun Nov 16, 2014 12:06 am
by helenb
I am trying to find any information on Edward Thomas Fischer born ca.1881 and Rebecca Maria Benjamin born ca.1881 in the island of Tortola, and their son Herbert Emanuel Fischer born 1906 also in the island of Tortola.

Also, I would like to find any information on Joseph Henry Monsanto, born 1866 in the island of St. Thomas, his parents are Charles and Eliza Monsanto, born in the island of Curacau, Dutch/Netherlands West Indies.

Joseph Henry Monsanto married Henriqaetta Francis born ca.1886 in St. Thomas, her parents John Francis and Eva Byran also of St. Thomas. They had a daughter Ishmondela Maria Monsanto born Nov. 1914 in St Thomas and she married Herbert Emanuel Fischer.

PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE I have been searching for these family members for years and have not no luck. All the census reports on them are incorrect or partially correct, but again nothing to help me find them. Please help!