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About HINKSON'S in Barbados & St Vincent

PostPosted: Fri Sep 19, 2008 1:08 am
Hi I wonder if anyone can can help me out, I am trying to find out more about the HINKSON line, my gr-gr- grandfather were WILLIAM EDWARD HINKSON, born in Barbados, he were married to ELIZABETH ANN BRADSHAW, I have alot on the BRADSHAW'S, but can't find out how were my WILLIAM EDWARD HINKSON , parents, I would like some help from any one who can manage to help, MANY thanks to all,

Re: HINKSON'S in Barbados & St Vincent

PostPosted: Mon Aug 23, 2010 1:21 am
I am still trying to trace my HINKSON'S { HICKSON'S } from Barbados to St Vincent ... as I have all of ELIZABETH ANN BRADSHAW Info .. and she were married to WILLIAM EDWARD HINKSON, { some times spelt HINCKSON } I came across one SAMUEL JAMES HINKSON born Barbados 1843, St Andrews, Barbados, the time frame shows that he could be or might be WILLIAM EDWARD HINKSON , father, if any one reads this and can help me in any way I would be Most Thankful, as WILLIAM EDWARD HINKSON is my gr-gr-grandfather on my mother's /mother side, his daughter ROSE ELLEN HINKSON married one JOSEPH MOFFORD in St Vincent in 1883, she was onlr 20 years old and JOSEPH were 21, They lived at a plcae called Rivurlet , Enhams, there is a place called JOSEPH'S Land as JOSEPH were the first for his parents to born there or his father could of name JOSEPH also... as I can't find his father name on the marrige certificate it say JOLEN WILLIAM MORFORD { MOFFORD spelt like this also since then } it could possible be JULIAN ... or some thing simular, any help would be Greatful Appricated, Many thanks to all, GOD'S BLESSINGS BE WITH YOU ALL ALWAYS,