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PostPosted: Sat Dec 27, 2014 3:29 am
by ROM
My mother's (Frances Edmead Ogburn) parents are Henrietta Caines and Joseph Edmead. Henrietta Caines was born in St. John's parish and died at a young age after giving birth to four children, Samuel, Jane, Frances, and Alice. Her children were raised in Tabernacle as far as I was able to determine.

My mother, Frances, was around 7 years old when Henrietta died. The father of Henrietta’s eldest three children, Joseph Edmead relocated to New York when his children were young. Joseph Edmead’s 3 children went to live with his mother, Jane Ann [Boyce] Caines, after Henrietta’s death. Alice Caines, the youngest of her children went to live with the child’s paternal relations. My uncle Samuel Edmead (now deceased) lived in Monkey Hill.

My mother, Frances, is now 93 years old and remembers little of her relations. She was brought to the US around 1950. Here is an impromptu list of her maternal and paternal relatives that she does remember:

Henrietta Caines (born in St John's parish; date unknown) relatives:

    William Caines, Step-brother
    Samuel “Kwame” Caines, father
    Sarah Daveron, maternal-sister
    Phoebe Ann Caines (deceased young), maternal-sister
    Caroline Osborne, maternal-aunt
    William Thomas uncle???,
    Phoebe [Caines] Paul (US married), paternal-sister

Children of Henrietta and Joseph Edmead:
    Samuel Edmead
    Jane Caines Edmead
    Frances Edmead (married name: Ogburn) (b. April 22, 1921)
    daughter of Henrietta by father unknown Alice Caines

Joseph *Edmead (b. 1896), relatives:
    Jane Ann [Boyce] Caines (husband – John Caines), mother
    James "Jimbo" Edmead, father
    JK Edmead, paternal-uncle
    Margaret Caines, sister
    Sarah Caines, sister
    Frances Caines (deceased young), sister
    Louisa Gardner (married name), paternal-grandmother
    Joe (Joseph??) Browne, paternal-uncle
    Eileen Edmead, Blanche Edmead, Yvonne Edmead (also related to Henrietta Caines) (children of Joseph’s brother), nieces

* Some Edmead[e] family members add an "e" to the end of their last name, "Edmeade."