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Posted: Tue Mar 06, 2012 10:26 pm
by Joseph
My Great Grandmother Louisa Caines had married a mulatto in the British Navy, a person named Mr. Francis.

Ma, as we used to call her, had 13 children. I don’t know if all the children were fathered by Mr. Francis. Ma had a sister I was told who lived in Gibbons Hill name Eunice Caines. Ma and Eunice mother name was Renee Caines.

Ma is related to the Caines in Backstreet and Station Street, Dieppe Bay. Ma, Louisa Francis, our Great Grandmother always lived in Dieppe Bay.

I was able to connect with many of my family in St. Kitts, the US Virgin Islands and America through Facebook, but I am seeking any additional information - especially on those in England and Santo Domingo.

Thank you.


Posted: Thu Jun 27, 2013 2:20 am
by dee matthew
Hi Joseph,

Quick note. My family is also Caines out of Dieppe Bay. I'm connected to Agnes, Claude, Pearl etc. through Samuel (Saammy) Caines. Found a lot of info on the family on and I don't now exactly how they all tie in together, but I know that they do, because those - including Renee (sp) Caines are all names with which I'm familiar. Then there was one name Caroline Caines, best known to my family as Aunt Carr, who incidentally have a well known and established family with my husband's brother, Bloyce (Bloice) Browne - who's father Dellon Browne, we're trying to find on the system. No luck thus far. Renee(sp) is supposedly a cousin. I'll definitely be in touch, but we just buried my mother-in-law Violet Ann Semper Browne a couple of weeks ago, and the family is still reeling, even though her death also sparked a re-interest in identifying our genealogical connections.



Posted: Thu Jun 27, 2013 7:49 pm
by bimjim
I can't guarantee results, but I expanded my tree considerably using


Posted: Fri Jun 28, 2013 1:01 am
by dee matthew
Thanks, bimjim, I'll check it out and follow up with you in time.


Posted: Thu Jul 04, 2013 7:02 pm
by Joseph
Hi Dee,

Nice to meet you and thanks for responding to my post. was a real big help. I was able to find Louisa Caines birth record on there and its dated 6/14/1863 and her mothers name Clementina Caines not Renee (unless it may be her nick name.) Also I was able to fine Louisa Caines husband whose name is George Obadiah Francis with his birth year listed as 1863. There is one problem however, their birth years are too far removed from the genealogy known to me. My mother was born 1938, my grand mother was born 1913, her mother we called Louisa Francis would of had to been born 1888 which would be 25 years before my grand mother and not 1863 which is 50 years apart. So my hunch is there is a missing link in the family tree in between there. list that it covers birth records from 1859-1900, but the highest I've seen is 1877 or 1878. I am just getting started with, but would love for you to share what you already have from that site. Also my aunt recently told me Louisa Caines had two brothers, one was called Joe-Fred Caines and the other Adolphus Caines. I am on Facebook as Joseph Abba Francis. Look forward to hearing from you. My condolences on the passing of your mother in law.



Posted: Sat Jul 06, 2013 6:09 pm
by dee matthew
Hi Joe, nice to meet you, too. I know by my spirit that this is a divine connection, and I'll hit you up on facebook some time. My name there is dee matthew. I'll follow up with you later re this link, because my mother-in-law recently passed away and the family is still in the early stages of over-coming her passing, so the time I have to commit elsewhere is a very limited resource. Ironically, my husband's family also has roots in Dieppe Bay and is connected to us in oh so many ways, it might be borderline incest for us to be married. His father was Dellon Browne, mother Violet Semper (who's mother was Frances or Francis Semper out of Dieppe Bay), and his brother Bloice Browne was in a long-term relationship with our cousin-or aunt, Caroline Caines (the one my mom referred to as Aunt Carr); also, I've heard my mom speak of Adolphus Caines, but I don't recall hearing about a Joe-Fred Caines - maybe he was not as closely connected to his roots as the others. As for the names and timeline in, I find that it is more in tune with giving us our age old ancestry, rather than the more recent; so how I handle that is to find the family connections in Gkn and look them up in - and vice versa. They both work really well for me. PS: Be sure to follow the siblings in ancestry, they are usually the best clue as to who is connected to whom; also be mindful that close family member tend to related to each other with familiar names. e.g. Aunt Melia (Amelia Caines); Aunty Rinie (Irene Caines); Aunt Carr (Caroline Caines) as opposed to given names; so pay close attention to family banter, case in point: my mom was known as Mary Caines; however, Mary is not on her birth certificate. Her given name was Gwenneth Caines, Mary was the (dead name, as she referred to it) of her grandmother, who I do believe was also Mary Caines, but I don't know Mary's maiden name, so there is still much work to be done, also be mindful that a courtesy name such as Aunty, Uncle, Papa or Mama does not necessarily mean that the person is in a direct line of descendants or even related as in the case of Mama Annie (Annie Abbott) who was really a family friend - because their children cross-relate to each other and call each other by familiar or respectful names. Lastly, for now - I also have a thread on under Yearwood connections. In that instance, my name is Denise Matthew. Can't remember anything more right now, but I'll continue to stay in touch as best as I could, and you'll learn more about the family when we connect on Facebook.


Posted: Sat Jul 06, 2013 10:37 pm
by Joseph
Yes Dee, indeed this is a divine connection. Though I have been a member on this site for a yr or 2. It was a spiritual advisor who recently encouraged me to continue seeking my ancestors who have a lot 2 say 2 me. For example I dream my grandmother often. Bls.


Posted: Sun Jul 07, 2013 5:48 pm
by dee matthew
Same story, different chapter. I was accidentally locked out of the site for a while and decided "not to be bothered with it" since I was having so much luck with the other two ancestry search engines (I'm also locked out of can't get my p/w and I can't sign up because my email has already been used, only time will tell where that leads), but my mother-in-law's passing gave me new reason to tap (on behalf of my husband, who has now suddenly taken an interest in finding his roots) and figured what the heck, while I'm here let me follow it through on my own behalf; and right away your name popped up with the Francis, Caines connection which is the one angle of the Caines family tree that I had not yet explored, even though I have a cousin (Hilary) who is relative to us both on the Caines and the Yearwood side through the Francis line (see why it's a problem area?), and I know that she said that one of her parents and one of my grandparents are sister and brother children - trouble is I couldn't remember which one of the grandparents or her parents for that matter. I haven't spoken to her in a while, and I tried to Friend her on FB, but she's not a constant there, so she hasn't replied to me. I'll try to see if I can patch you in to her when next I visit. BTW - Yearwood (big house on the top of the Frenchman Hill (see Eazy Morrishaw timeline photo with him in blue shorts for the back view) across from UVI was my grandfather. I don't know if it's still in the family, since I have spoken to my aunt and uncle since their parent's passing a few years back, but my guess is that my aunt still lives there - along with a whole lot of Kititians, since it was also sort of a guest house back in the day.


Posted: Mon Jan 20, 2014 1:59 am
by dee matthew
Found another connection while researching my husband's ancestry-not sure of the link to you or I, but it bears following up - Caroline Francis and Joseph Brown of Dieppe Bay gave birth to an unnamed female on 26 May, 1877.


Posted: Thu Dec 25, 2014 6:49 pm
by ROM
Hello Joseph and Dee,
I know that it has been some time since you posted here but your stories sound familiar. Would you check out this list and see if you or your family members recognize any of these names?
My mother's (Frances Edmead Ogburn) parents are Henrietta Caines and Joseph Edmead. Henrietta Caines was born in St. John's parish and died at a young age after giving birth to four children, Samuel, Jane, Frances, and Alice. Her children were raised in Tabernacle as far as I was able to determine. My mother, Frances, was around 7-years-old when Henrietta died. The father of Henrietta’s eldest three children, Joseph Edmead relocated to New York when his children were young. Joseph Edmead’s 3 children went to live with his mother, Jane Ann [Boyce] Caines, after Henrietta’s death. Alice Caines, the youngest of her children went to live with the child’s paternal relations.
My mother, Frances, is now 93-years-old and remembers little of her relations. She was brought to the US around 1950. Here is an impromptu list of her maternal and paternal relatives that she does remember:

Henrietta Caines (born in St John's parish; date unknown) relatives:

William Caines, Step-brother
Samuel “Kwame” Caines, father
Sarah Daveron, maternal-sister
Phoebe Ann Caines (deceased young), maternal-sister
Caroline Osborne, maternal-aunt
William Thomas uncle???,
Phoebe [Caines] Paul (US married), paternal-sister

Children of Henrietta and Joseph Edmead:
Samuel Edmead
Jane Caines Edmead
Frances Edmead (married name: Ogburn) (b. April 22, 1921)
daughter of Henrietta by father unknown Alice Caines

Joseph *Edmead (b. 1896), relatives:

Jane Ann [Boyce] Caines (husband – John Caines), mother
James (Jimbo) Edmead, father
JK Edmead, paternal-uncle
Margaret Caines, sister
Sarah Caines, sister
Frances Caines (deceased young), sister
Louisa Gardner (married name), paternal-grandmother
Joe (Joseph??) Brown, paternal-uncle
Eileen Edmead, Blanche Edmead, Yvonne Edmead (also related to Henrietta Caines) (children of Joseph’s brother), nieces

*Some Edmead[e] family members add an "e" to the end of their last name, "Edmeade." My grandfather, Joseph Edmead, chose not to do so in America.


Posted: Sat May 16, 2015 4:14 am
by dee matthew
ROM, like everything else, a lot of the names in your post are very familiar to my ears; unfortunately, I don't know how they fit on my family tree. Take Samuel Caines for example, he was my Great Grandfather and my Great Great Grandfather. Only problem, with so many recurring names it's hard to pin point who is who. The same thing goes for his wives, both of whom were named Mary. My Great Grandmother was the first one, but even my aunt who grew up in the home couldn't tell me which was which. I think my mother's grandmother was Mary Garnett, but then she had a grandmother named Mary on her father side as well, and I don't know which Mary is which on either side of the family tree. I recently connected with a long lost cousin on Facebook, whom I didn't know was a cousin until recently, despite knowing her more than half my life, and she's given me some helpful names that moved me forward on I'll copy your post to her, and her post to you to see if anything gels on either side. Good luck, and keep the faith.


Posted: Sat May 16, 2015 4:24 am
by dee matthew
ROM: This is the post from my cousin Nita,

Nita Caines. daughter of Daniel Caines, son of John Caines and Anne Cardin Caines. Phoebe Caines, Sarah Caines who was also Sarah Matthew, Richard, she lived in Saddlers an Dieppe Bay. Diana, Oliver and Melvin's mother. Peter Caines and Peter Caines who went to England, Katherina, Lynn and Royden and Nittie Caines, Goldwin, Mervin and Eleazer Caines all related to Renee and Aunt Carr. Carmicah Caines who resides in England. Clynton and Candice Caines in the US.Rosevelt Caines in St. Pauls and Edra Caines went to England. Mary Caines, mother of Zelma Caines-Tweed. Albert Caines father of Georgie Caines, mother of Leve, Martha, Catherine and the lot. Annie Caines mother of Ivan Tweed Caines and all his children. (This clan hails from Dieppe Bay and Saddlers)


Posted: Sat May 23, 2015 1:10 am
by dee matthew
Hi Rom, I found lots of Caines connection including Phoebe Ann Caines (deceased young), maternal-sister on Keyword just about any Caines name you can recall, and they pop up in droves. I'm researching my mother's maternal lineage from her mom, Agnes Caines back, and for the first time I found all the essential information that I need to work on my family tree, including my great-grandmother's maiden name. I'm sure you'll find it helpful. Strangely enough, it's a free site, with payment requested only for advanced features-if needed, but it works such great wonders in the free aspect that you might not want to go any place else. Best to you.

BTW - We're on the same branch of the family tree, in very close proximity.


Posted: Mon Mar 07, 2016 12:06 am
by dee matthew
Hi Joseph,

How's it going on your end? Miss you from FB. Hope all is well. I was finally able to get back into this software ... but I haven't done any reviews. Hope you were able to help your cousin regarding the last time you contacted me about it. Also hope that you were able to log on to and do some searching of your own. Love, and best wishes for much success.



Posted: Fri Aug 19, 2016 10:12 pm
by Joseph
Greetings Dee and Rom,

I apologize, I have been off this site for way to long. Nonetheless nice to meet you Rom. Your post from your cousin Nita is very revealing and provides me with hope of solving the family tree. Her first sentence where she lists all the family members she's related to, ending saying they are related to "Renee and Aunt Carr", caught my attention.

The following is a research paper I have written so far on my family tree. It begins as follows:

Our Family Tree, as I know it, is our Great Grandmother Louisa Caines had married a mullato in the British Navy, a person name Obadiah Francis. Ma - as we use to call her - had 13 children. I don’t know if all the children were Obadiah Francis' children. Ma had a sister, I was told, who lived in Gibbons Hill, named Eunice Caines. Ma and Eunice mother's name was Renee Caines. Ma was related to the Caines in Backstreet and Station Street. Ma, Louisa Francis, our Great Grandmother always lived in Dieppe Bay. Her birth Records list her complete name as Caines, Louisa Caroline Alberta Simons.

Could it be the family called her "Aunt Carr for Caroline"? Dee, you also mention the abbreviated way our elders called each other. Caroline, best known to family as Aunt Carr. My side of the family's nickname for her was "Ma" or "Louisa." And as stated before her mothers name was Renee. So there's a strong possibility that the two people Nita said were related to her side of the family are one and the same with mine. I thinks it's very possible that Ma was called Aunt Carr before marriage, and then was called Louisa after marriage amongst her offspring. I really think there is something here.