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PostPosted: Thu Apr 05, 2012 3:42 pm
by TedJ

Can anyone shed any more light on the possible marriage of Elizabeth Albury Malone before 1869 in Hope Town and they had 3 children: Emma, Otis and Isadora Johnson to Thomas Johnson, b. May 18, 1824, Chaddick Sound son of Nathan and Catherine Johnson to . Elizabeth Albury was married to Benjamin Malone and they had two children.

My GG Grandfather Thomas Johnson first married Charlotte Bethel abt. 1847 and they had 3 children Belice, William E. and Emily and I knew my GG Grandmother Charlotte Bethel Johnson had a second marriage to Edward Russell about 1854 so I thought Thomas had died but it looks like they might have gotten divorced? I thought you could not do that back in the 1850s? Charlotte and Edward moved to Key West in 1873 and had 9 more kids.

The info about Thomas Johnson and Elizabeth Albury Malone is from page 19 of my 1998 book by McAleer and it says “probably” the Thomas Johnson born May 18, 1824 to Nathan and Catherine Johnson. BUT on page 21 of the same book it says, Edward Russell married Charlotte Bethel Johnson, “widow” of Thomas Johnson.
I’m confused and any help is greatly appreciated.

My G Grandfather was the son of Thomas Johnson and Charlotte Bethel, William Eldridge Johnson, b. 1850 in Hope Town, Abaco and moved to Port Orange, FL in 1867 were his descendents still live.

Many thanks

Ted E. Johnson, Jr.