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ADLAM / STEPHEN - Bermuda, Tortola

Posted: Sun Jan 24, 2010 11:39 pm
by ronmac
I am trying to find information on the marriage between Margaret ADLAM, born about 1800, where? Father believed to be Alexander ADLAM. Her marriage was to Sidney (Sydney) James STEPHEN in Bermuda about 1819. Sidney (Sydney) James STEPHEN was born 11/12/1796, in Tortola, son of Judge John STEPHEN and Mary Ann STEPHEN (nee PASMORE). If records this far back are not kept locally, could someone please let me know where I can look for them. All the STEPHEN family then moved to Australia taking positions in the legal fraternity out here. Sidney (Sydney), eventually taking a position of a Judge in New Zealand, where he died. Any help would be most appreciated. Thanking you in advance. Regards, Ronmac

Re: ADLAM / STEPHEN - Bermuda, Tortola

Posted: Mon Oct 01, 2012 8:10 pm
by Badminton
This Anguilla Deed refers to an Alexander Adlam of St. Christopher with land on Anguilla - any use?

NO. 265
Know all men by these presents that I, John Hughes, of the said island for and in consideration of the sum of twenty five pounds current gold and silver money of the said island of Saint Christopher, the receipt whereof I do hereby acknowledge, have bargained, sold, set over, aliened, enfeoffed and delivered and by these presents do bargain, sell, set over, alien, enfeoff and deliver in plain open market according to law made and in these cases provided unto the said Alexander Adlam five acres of land situate in the north side of the hill to the northward of the Road Pond, butting and bounding eastwardly on land lately sold by me, the said John Hughes, to William Michael Abbott, of the island of Saint Christopher; southwardly by land belonging to me the said John Hughes; northwardly by the sea or otherwise bounded as the rights thereunto appertaining will shew reference bearing thereto had, to have and to hold unto the said Alexander Adlam and I, the said John Hughes, do for myself, my heirs, executors, administrators and assigns, the title in and to the said five acres of land before described warrant and defend unto the said Alexander Adlam. In witness whereof I have hereunto set my hand and affixed my seal this tenth day of August in the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and forty.
Signed: John Hughes.
Signed, sealed and delivered in the presence of, Joshua Lake, Julian B Lake.

I acknowledge to have received from Alexander Adlam, Esquire, of Saint Christopher the sum of twenty five pounds good and lawful gold and silver money of the island of Anguilla in full for the consideration money for the within mentioned five acres of land sold him.
Witness my hand this fifth day of August 1840.
Signed: John Hughes.
Witness: Julian B Lake, Joshua Lake.

Before the Honourable John Lake, senior assistant Justice of the Court of Queen's Bench and Common Pleas in and for said island, etc., personally appeared Joshua Lake one of the witnesses subscribed to the foregoing act who maketh oath upon the Holy Evangelists of Almighty God, deposeth and saith that the name "John Hughes" set and subscribed opposite the seal, as well as to the foregoing receipt, is the proper hand writing of him the said John Hughes and that the names "Joshua Lake" and "Julian Lake" set to the said instrument of writing as witnesses are the hand writing of them the said Julian Lake and deponent; and that the said John Hughes did in the presence of said witnesses subscribe the same and affixed seal to said writings for the uses and purposes therein contained and that deponent and the other said witness subscribed the same in the presence of each other as witnesses.
Signed: Joshua Lake.
Sworn before me this 19th day of August 1840, John Lake, senior assistant Justice.

Re: ADLAM / STEPHEN - Bermuda, Tortola

Posted: Tue Oct 02, 2012 12:59 pm
by ronmac
Hello Badminton,

Many thanks for your information, it is appreciated. Where did you find this sort of information? Every day or so, I go on the net, hoping to find some sort of information on Alexander ADLAM or his daughter, Margaret. I think that Alexander also had a business in London, what that business was or what his business was on St Kitts, I have no idea. Margaret's death certificate states that she was married in Bermuda, when about 19. The certificate also states that her father was Alexander and as she was 75 when she died in 1875, (Melbourne, Victoria, Australia) makes her being born at around 1800, which I think she could have been born on St Kitts. I should imagine that Alexander would have been born around 1770 or so, so not too sure if the Alexander mentioned in your information is he or perhaps his son, as this is 1840, not that it matters much. I have come across on other ADLAM's on the slave registers so I can presume that they are all related, William, Joseph, Horatio. I also came across a Louisa ADLAM being born St Kitts in 1809, I'm sure a relation, even though no father's name is mentioned, quite possibly it is Alexander. Louisa married a John Robinson THURSTON, from St Kitts. I''m sure that one day, I will have them all connected and all the missing names.

Thank for your reply,

Re: ADLAM / STEPHEN - Bermuda, Tortola

Posted: Tue Oct 02, 2012 3:19 pm
by Badminton
Comes from Anguilla Deed Books kept in the Court House, The Valley, Anguilla.
I have nothing else for Alexander Adlam after that date, nor before, from the only Deed books available (that have not been lost).
He just might be mentioned in the records at the Public Records Office at Kew, London, now called the National Archives.

I have the following Adlam names on my database:

Francis Newton Adlam born St. Kitts 1815, married Mary Ann Richardson Atwell 4 Jan 1838 Sint Maarten, he is 23, she 21.

Horatio Adlam of Anguilla alive 1810, died after 1841. Ref: PRO London CO.241

Horatio Adlam of St. Kitts married Mary Maxwell Rawlins 22 Apr 1855 St. Kitts.

Joseph jnr Adlam married Elizabeth Browne, 11 Aug 1808 in St. Kitts.

Joseph sen Adlam b1762 - died 4 Feb 1825 of St. Kitts.

History of Antigua gives the Lavincourt family (about 6 generations) and a Eudora Lavincourt marries Alexander ADLUM - Eudora Lavicount, mar. Alexander Adlum, Barrister-at-Law, and Member of the
Legislature of Antigua ; he died . . . ., she living at Bognor, co. Sussex.

Eudora is the daughter of Joseph Lavincourt of Antigua and Margaret Spencer Gillan. They had daughters Eudora and Ann who died young.

You can read History of Antigua . - there are 3 volumes. Lavincourts are in Vol2.

The Adlam family seems to be mainly in St. Kitts. I have one or two other females.

Re: ADLAM / STEPHEN - Bermuda, Tortola

Posted: Tue Oct 02, 2012 3:23 pm
by Badminton

There are a few marriages here - St. Kitts.