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Aquart - St. Lucia

PostPosted: Sat Mar 15, 2008 12:49 am
by caquart
Looking for any information on the descendants of Jean Marie Aquart (b. circa 1750 in Martinique) , his wife Marie Catherine Coulon and their children Joseph Raymond (married Elisabeth Plant), Marie Francoise Charlotte (married Pierre Jean Marie Marucheau), Marie Josephe (married her first cousin Francois Aquart), Jean Marie (married Marie Charlotte Adelaide Aquart of Martinique, a distant cousin), Charles St. Luce (married Josephine Plant) and Jean Baptiste (married Josephine Polixene laPorte du Lamoua). The family is also connected to the Drivon, Ferguson, la Corbiniere and Drysdale families.

The St. Lucia Aquarts are tied to the Grenada Aquarts and also to the Martinique Aquarts. Jean Marie Aquart had property on Bequia and his estate on Saint Lucia was called Grande Anse. Some of the children were born in Grenada.

Jean Marie Aquart had a brother, Benoit, who lived in Grenada, but died in St. Lucia. He also had a brother, Jean Modeste (married to Jeanne Charlotte Marucheau).

Jean Marie Aquart Sr.'s father, Raymond, was living in Martinique in 1793 near Le Marin.

The Coulon family were from Grenada (Gouyave).

The Aquart family were French, originally from the area around Bordeaux.

Any information would be much appreciated.