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Hi!!  Welcome to our Sales Info page. We specialise in small business (and personal) web pages and sites, and we are sure you will be agreeably suprised at the affordability of our rates.

We assume you came here because we may be able to help you with creating and/or maintaining a Web presence for yourself or your business - or it may be something to do with creating or manipulating a font for yourself and/or your company.

We would very much appreciate the opportunity of discussing this with you in person - our approach is to design and create something to your satisfaction that works in the real world.

If your interest is in FONTS, please go to our FontWorks page. For Banner Advertising, please scroll to the bottom of this page... 


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Possible Applications ...

Our focus is on the individual or small business with something to advertise or promote. We don't overpower our customers, so please feel free to enquire about our capability to tailor your site to your needs and the unique look you want for your site.

Here are some examples of possible applications - even if you do not fit into one of the following areas, we'd still like to hear from you with your specific needs:

  • Individual needing a personalised starter Home Page created for ISP Home Page site, for a particular area of interest, or simply to post a page of personal Bookmarks
  • Small business - Custom graphics and Pages tailored to suit, including feedback and order Forms
  • Individual needing Web Pages for other purposes (eg: genealogical, Guest Book)
  • Local/Regional/International Group needing Page/s to publicise activities
  • Local/Regional/International Group needing to pass on confidential information to others (Page addresses can be private - ie: unlinked)


Implementation Areas ...

Our WebAuthoring business is straightforward - we work with our clients by agreement in four main areas:

  • Design
  • Creation
  • Publishing & Presence
  • Maintenance & Updates

and we are prepared to perform any (or all) of these services to your satisfaction as your needs dictate.

With reference to informational website content, we subscribe to the principles outlined in the essay Top Ten Mistakes in Web Design by Jakob Nielsen, Ph.D., a Sun Microsystems Distinguished Engineer.

Frankly, we prefer to design pages which can be viewed by as many browsers as possible. For instance, there are even some drastic differences between the latest versions of MS Explorer and Netscape Communicator in what they can display, and in how they present the latest improvements to HTML code and Java / Javascript.

Apart from it being an insecure language, a substantial number of browsers on-line - about 30% - simply do not "see" Java or Javascript programming, because they are not Java-enabled. A similar percentage of browsers cannot "see" frames.

Java / Javascript code also takes substantial extra time to load and/or then execute. Frames have another disadvantage - because they are simply shells which hold other pages, most search engines are programmed to simply throw them out (not catalog them).

Many viewers (more than you would think) turn the browser's image capabilities off because pages load faster without images. So, attention must be paid to how the images interface with the page as a whole. (Java can also be completely turned off within a browser).

Many things are not always considered by today's younger or inexperienced web designers, who tend to use design paradigms that favor brightly coloured pages that shimmer and shake, and that require bleeding-edge plug-ins, the latest browsers and the latest versions of HTML, in this way sometimes excluding well over 50% of their potential audience.

We suggest you take a look at our work, evaluate for yourself the stuff that matters - the content, layouts, colours, graphics, impact and transfer of message - and, if you like what you see, drop us a line. 


Your business could GO here...


What's included ... ?

  • Full Site co-operative planning and construction, from the blank page forward
  • Graphics scanning
  • Substantial graphics creation
  • Text scanning and OCR
  • Text manipulation for style, readability, grammar and error checking
  • Import text/word processor documents
  • Import Excel spreadsheet grids

Some graphics can be acquired, and some graphics - including animated graphics and logos - can be done in-house at nominal extra charge. An existing brochure can be reproduced in a much more dynamic format.

The requirements of a full corporate site (or even an extensive Home Page) can be analysed, and may include some (or all) of the following... other custom pages may need to be added, depending on the needs of the business or the originality of the site -

  • Front "Splash" Page - Welcome, & beginning links
  • Corporate Mission Statement
  • Future Corporate Directions
  • Star Employee Individual-Of-The-Month
  • Vacancies and Employment Requirements
  • Press Releases, New and Archived
  • What's New
  • Corporate FAQ & Glossary
  • Technical Notes & Descriptions
  • On-Line Publications
  • Product Descriptions
  • Virtual Flyer - Scheduled Special Offer/s
  • Product or Event Promotions
  • Product or Event Registrations
  • Preliminary Customer Service
  • Customer Registration
  • Customer Newsletter & Sign-up Form
  • Customer Discussion Forum
  • Customer Bug Reporting & Info
  • Customer Suggestions
  • Customer Download
  • Customer "Novelty" Locations
  • Meetings, Lectures, Seminars and/or Events schedule with descriptions
  • Corporate History, including images, text
  • Guest Book Form
  • Site Search Form
  • Survey Form/s
  • Employee Descriptions
  • Company Telephone/Email Directory
  • Suggested Useful Links, Bibliographies
  • Site map
  • Other relevant pages??

Internal links can be from every page to every other page, from every Department to every other Department, or differently structured, whatever is appropriate. Included items are limited to HTML code. Standard "navigation bars" on every page are recommended.


What's Optional ... ?

Optional additions (and subtractions...) suit YOUR needs, not ours.

If you already have a Domain, you save on presence expenses (on our server). But getting your pages there and maintaining (updating) them is in our range of services, too.

If there is some security dilemma in which you would prefer not to let us use your password, we can make the entire site available elsewhere on the Internet (with relative internal links) for you to download and then upload at your convenience, or provide it on floppies or a Zip disk (at additional cost).

Extra options include -

  • Search Engine Optimisation/Optimization
  • Specialised Custom Backgrounds
  • Animated GIFs
  • Frames
  • On-Line Forms
    • linked to Databases
    • linked to response pages or email transmissions
  • Video clips
  • Audio clips
  • Image maps
  • Image composites
  • Database/s
  • Other languages
  • Email - corporate email address switching/forwarding
  • Sections of pages "Included" from a secure area


Possible Applications | Implementation Areas | What's included
What's Optional | Pricing | Unique Domain Names
Our Quality Presence | Banner Advertising | Clients


Pricing ... (as of November 1, 2000)

Our pricing structure allows you to increase or decrease your site (and expense) in a flexible manner, making it easier for you to control and balance both your Company's exposure and the cost of that exposure.

(Price increases are notified well in advance wherever possible, and are implemented at the renewal of the contract period).

Figuring out the present cost of a site is a very simple procedure...

Web Site Creation - one time charge to start a new Site
- $50 one time charge
Web Page Design - including scanning & most graphics
- $50 per page, which includes Web Page Search Engine Optimisation...
(Clients - please note that a substantial amount of time and effort goes into both keeping up with the changing requirements of the search engines and doing research into the most effective keywords. If your potential customers cannot find your site, it effectively does not exist.)
Web Publishing (if the site presence is on a directory within - initial minimum 12 months
- $5 per page, per month (or part month)
Web Site Maintenance / Updating
- $50 per hour (or part)
Coding and testing, other than HTML
- $70 per hour (or part)

For a sustained relationship you may wish to come to a written agreement which will maintain fees for you while my casual rates go up... but this kind of arrangement of for instances where work is done frequently on an on-going basis.

For this purpose I have a plain-English form of Agreement available which offers protection to both if us. It is available for inspection upon request.

Unique Domain Names ...

Should you require your own unique"Domain" name (as in, for example) we can assist with suggestions, in researching the availability of and registering the desired name (if it does not already exist).

At present it is our policy to arrange for the desired Domain name registration where required, and simply recharge our clients for this service at cost. Domain name registration is US$70 in advance (which pays for the first two years), plus US$35 per year (all of which is paid to InterNIC/Network Solutions, the Organisation governing Domain names on the Internet).

Our policy governing the set-up of server presence with a provider is to add 20% of the charges for a service fee. We currently prefer to use a particular industrial-strength provider, but would be happy to take instruction on this matter.


Our Quality Presence ...

Our own Domain presence on the Internet was carefully selected to be on a very fast and reliable equipment in the United States. So far, assessment reports of our site from around the world indicate that download times for you and your customers are likely to be just over half that of another average Web Site on the Web - a substantial savings in time, and an increase in your visitors' appreciation of your fast-loading page/s.

And - so far - the record of this server's reliability is 100%. This means that I - and my clients - can sleep soundly at night.


Banner Advertising ...

We accept proposals for Banner advertising for the WebReception area and all WebOffice walls on the CanDoo site at standard sizes. The banner source can be either local or derived from your server, and advertising content is restricted to the contracted client (no sub-leasing!!). Placement is at the sole discretion of the WebMaster, although special requests will be considered. Placement on the walls of our clients' offices will be subject to their approval and requirements.

  • Presence:
    Full width banner: US$45 per quarter, US$80 per half, or US$150 per full year.
    Half-width banner: US$30 per quarter, US$55 per half, or US$100 per full year.
    Minimum period in both cases is a quarter (3 months).
  • Image Sizes @ 72 dpi:
    Full width: up to 700 pixels wide, 60 pixels high, file size not to exceed 16K
    Half width: up to 350 pixels wide, 60 pixels high, file size not to exceed 8K
  • Image file creation: US$50 per static Banner, US$100 animated.
  • A banner may be rotated with those of other clients.


Clients ...

On this company's sites:
Caribbean Surname Index
Caribbean Genealogy Resources
Dover Inn Bed & Breakfast
FT Caribbean Publishers
Jacaranda Beach Apartments
Oliver's"History of Antigua"
Projects - Caribbean Genealogy Publishing
On other sites:
Mallorca Vacation Accommodations

(There have been many others in the past, in both categories, but for one practical reason or another they are no longer available or listed here)


Possible Applications | Implementation Areas | What's included
What's Optional | Pricing | Unique Domain Names
Our Quality Presence | Banner Advertising | Clients


Thank you for your interest - we look forward to hearing from you very soon!

Jim Lynch
CanDoo Creative Concepts
128 Snowsnoe Crescent, Thornhill
Ontario, CANADA L3T 4M9

Tel: 905-881-5197
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