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A Series : Old Barbados Newspapers


These books are VERY large - 12 inches by 17 inches.

Here is Volume 2.

(Volume 1 is exactly the same, but 1/4 inch thinner.)

front.jpg (13426 bytes)
frontnspine.jpg (10537 bytes) A side view.

The gold leaf impression is also used on the spine of the book.

Shown against a standard VHS video-cassette and household articles for size comparison. ontable.jpg (17015 bytes)
openbook.jpg (42829 bytes) Here the Volume is open.

The lay-flat binding promotes the longevity of the book - it can be read from cover to cover without stressing the spine.

Compared to the three Volumes of "History of Antigua".

("Newspapers" is at the bottom.)

pileup.jpg (10875 bytes)


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