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(Comments by Editor Lindsay Maxwell)

Recent years have witnessed some fascinating developments in the Caribbean. But how best to summarise in just a few lines events in this most diverse of regions?

It almost reads like a brief rundown of a well-stocked library. Certainly every conceivable plotline has been on offer - from political intrigue and the return of the conquering hero to triumph over adversity and battles between opposing forces "good and evil". Thankfully, in many cases, we have seen happy endings.

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Coverage of the Caribbean is no longer restricted to just the travel section of elite glossy magazines. Few now deny the importance of this region on the world stage and the valuable contribution it can make. It is taken seriously, and the far-reaching effects of events there have been hitting international headlines, with coverage of everything from Helms-Burton to the rumblings of secession in tiny Nevis.

No one would deny that recent times have been tough. However, harsh lessons have been learned and, for the most part, taken on board. There is optimism in the air. Many Caribbean countries are not resting on their respective laurels.

Tourism, spearhead of the Caribbean economy, is becoming more sophisticated. The sector is now reaping the benefits of an increased number of major resort hotels, world-class golf courses, and bigger and better cruise ships. Many countries in the region have been busy putting in place all the major infrastructural projects that go hand in hand with such developments.

There has been some economic diversification, with offshore banking becoming increasingly important and more tightly regulated. Valiant efforts are being made, with some success, in the manufacturing sector, in an effort to make the Caribbean less dependent on imported products.

Few could have foreseen some of the events of recent times. Whilst no one knows exactly what the coming year will bring, one thing is for sure. It will, as always, be interesting.

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About the Editor, Lindsay Maxwell ...

Lindsay Maxwell was the Handbook's chief researcher for eight years, and has now been the managing editor of the publication for the last five years. After graduating with an honours degree from King's College London, she entered the world of publishing and public relations. She has specialised in Caribbean media for the last fourteen years, and has travelled extensively throughout the region. She is also the editor of other well-known Caribbean publications.

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The Caribbean Handbook - Table of Contents

The Caribbean Handbook is a highly respected and unique business, economic and political reference book for the region.

The Handbook is entirely updated each year, and contains concise and up-to-the-minute information. As well as basic data on each state, it gives a tightly presented summary of the economic and political situation and business climate in each country, outlining everything from the latest budget detail, trade data, investment policy and incentives, to government and private sector organisations. In addition, specialist articles detail major regional developments and analyse key sectors such as tourism, aviation, telecommunications, trade and shipping.

Each edition is edited by Lindsay Maxwell.

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