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Just What The Heck Are TrueType Fonts, Anyway?...

All TrueType fonts are *single-colour, resizeable mathematical descriptions of shapes which can be traditional characters - or may used to solve many problems or make several tasks possible. In practical terms, this means that at every resolution there is a minimising of the "jaggies' - the jagged outline possible with other types of font presentation.

*Having said that a TrueType font is single-colour, it must be added that characters can be designed so that several colours can be overlayed and typed into a single character for the purposes of colour printing.

Examples Of New Characters ...

We are able to create new fonts - or enhance existing fonts - for you which might, for instance, contain...

  • logos
  • symbols
  • graphical characters
  • fractions
  • signature/s
  • even an entire letterhead and/or footer, for faxing letters direct from a computer in this era of the "paperless office".

The TrueType Advantage ...

What would be the advantage? Well, the neat part of a TrueType font is that - because it is a "vector" font (a mathematical description, as opposed to being composed of many dots) - it is infinitely resizeable, and you can be sure of the precise shape that will emerge, whatever size you print it at - whether it be a monstrous 400 point size or an impossible-to-read, teeny-weeny little 5-point size.

As long as it is the actual TrueType font being displayed, you will get the best quality output available from the device displaying or printing it (TV, monitor, printer, whatever).

Uses For Your Logo (Or Family Crest?) ...

Could you use your logo (or Family Crest, or some other types of graphics), for instance, in a variety of sizes to enhance notices, letters, flyers, internal memos, menus, placards?

What about custom-shaped bullets to illustrate and highlight your various circulars? Could you make a long banner with one character per page to welcome a friend back from vacation or sickness?

Of course you could!

Really Pushing The Envelope ...

On outgoing envelopes, you could custom-print your "From:" address - complete with your corporate logo - in the usual place on the top left corner (or even centered on the centre back flap). The possibilities exist for every occasion where you might want your logo or graphic seen - all without having to order minimum quantities from a printer and then wait several days or weeks  for the special-order delivery.

Can I Have Your Signature On This, Please ...

The reason for having your signature in a font? Well, the "paperless office" can't exist as long as you keep having to print that letter out on a Corporate letterhead so you can add your signature and then fax it from a separate machine.

For some time now - using software - we have been able to fax directly from a computer (through the same modem we use for internet access) at much faster speeds than the average dedicated fax machine. So, if you are already accessing the Internet on a computer, you can use the same modem hardware to fax a document, usually by "printing" to the modem instead of to a printer.

Yes, that is a fact... but the need for
1. a printed letterhead, and/or
2. a fresh signature
have been major obstacles to progress in this direction.

Not any more...

Finally!!! ... Heeeeere's The Paperless Office ...

FACT: With letterheads (and/or custom footers, where normally used) and signatures embedded in fonts, you can fax a complete, signed corporate or personal letterhead directly from your computer that looks as good as - or better than - an original, whether you are in a secretarial pool, an executive in a hotel room on the other side of the world from your office, or at 35,000 feet over Utah with the seatback telephone line plugged into your laptop. In your absence, your office can even send out your dictated or relayed letters and internal memos signed by you - as if you were actually still back in the office (and not on a serene Caribbean beach slurping Pina Coladas...)

(**For signatures, security is obviously a very serious issue. We are prepared to discuss this with you privately, since the methods of restricting the use of your computerised signature are not a subject for public discussion.)

Caramba!! It's a better fraction!! ...

Any other ideas? Well, how about this one? We created an accessory "fraction" font for a busy real estate attorney in which we used his own favourite font as the base model. We created the new font using characters from that same font, so the new "Expert" font fitted in just perfectly with all of his documents. It allowed him to clearly print ANY fraction (yes, ANY fraction = ANY numbers on the top or bottom) - as needed - in his legal practice.

For instance, try printing "132/496-ths" in your average font without getting your fingers knotted or having it look like "1327496-ths" at a glance! By customising the approach, the new "Expert" font dramatically improved his legal presentations and his letters to clients, was simple for his secretary to use, and left absolutely no doubt as to what was being referred to - something he really appreciated.

That fixed HIS problem...
Is there some way we can make your life easier?

We created a custom font for an adult educational institution - among others, they used the new font to print their logo and various special characters on their internal memos, office notes to their students, class schedules, board notices, circulars, applications and other internal forms, quick notes, and graduation ceremony documents, venue signs and table place cards.

The result was a neat and personalised addition to their daily paperwork at relatively little expense - and left no doubt as to the authenticity of the items. And their external printing bill has been significantly reduced!

That made THEIR correspondence easier and more professional... Is there some way we can make your business work smarter?

Practical Examples ...

  • We could insert a logo and special characters for your restaurant so you can compose and print your unique menus and custom table/seat reservation cards - every season, every month, every week, every day, or even every meal... with NO lead time required for printing.
  • A Corporation could create notices, memos, presentation cards, and at least a hundred other niches where the process can be made more special and unique - without expensive printing, NO lead time, and for just the cost of one of our unique fonts.
  • Signatures and Letterheads - a busy, hard-travelled executive could order a signature font (and restrict it to the use of his confidential secretary) in order to allow his office to issue signed memos or letters, and he could also use it to fax signed documents, even from 30,000 feet over Utah. No restrictions on the number of installations, no licences - it's yours to just copy and go (see signature security comments above).
  • Brands and qualifications - a company in the UK recently had us create their new ISO-9002 logo for them - complete with embedded ID and registration numbers. Now they can add that proud achievement to their letterheads, literature, place cards, in-house advertising and printing, promotions, etc.

    As a matter of fact, I provide most of my web design clients with a font containing their corporate logo. What's that? Don't have a corporate logo? Why then,
    perhaps I can design one for you! And how about a colour image of your logo rotating in 3D as well? It's all part of the service...

Twist And Shout ... or Something Else ...

Do you work in an application where you would simply LOVE to have your font characters

  • upside down?
  • backwards?
  • sideways? (for book spines, maybe??)
  • mirrored?
  • at an angle?
  • with serifs/curls?
  • taller?
  • fatter?
  • or more Italic - or taller/fatter/thicker stroke - than the System gives you, perhaps?

Possibilities, Backups, Ownership ...

There are many, many possibilities which can solve or enhance your individual problems or needs. It's impossible for us to even scratch the surface because each individual and corporation may have a different need.

We would maintain an archived Master copy of your font, under secure conditions, so that it will never be totally lost.

Future enhancements, changes and/or additions can be quickly implemented from the Master in our files. Finally, the custom font is the client's property. We impose no additional user or copyright fees or restrictions whatsoever on the use of the font we send you.

Contact Us Now, And Lets Get Started ...

So, have you thought about an application where you can use our Font services? Yes, I thought you would...

Just drop us a line (by calling, clicking here and/or sending us an email via We'll be happy to discuss it with you and offer some suggestions and prices for your specific needs without obligation. Regrettably, the specifications vary widely, and some implementations may require intensive work and testing, so it's impossible to give general quotations.

I'm positive we can help you make your output easier, more sophisticated and/or more professional, in some way.

 Just What Are TrueType Fonts? Examples Of Characters
The TrueType Advantage Uses For Your Logo Font Pushing The Envelope
Your Signature The Paperless Office Examples Twist And Shout
Possibilities, Backups, Ownership Lets Get Started!


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