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Ireland-Scotland-Barbados (and Cromwell!!)

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PostPosted: Mon May 19, 2008 2:00 am    Post subject: Ireland-Scotland-Barbados (and Cromwell!!)

Cromwell had serious issues with the Scots. Wary of their cousins, the Ulster Scots, he made plans to transport them all to Tipperary where they couldn't communicate with their Scottish cousins. However when he got to Ireland, he discovered that the Ulster Scot was on his side. At least the ones who spoke English. The Gaelic speaking Scots, like other non-English speaking groups such as a Flemish colony near Dublin, his officials put down as "Irish". Apparently in those days (1650's) Irish meant "didn't speak English"! (See Prendergast for more details). Thus in the most Scottish parish in Ireland, the census taker found only "Irish" because these were Gaelic speaking Scots.

The point! The point is that Cromwell transported many "Irish" to the West Indies. Apparently this included anyone who was caught unawares. There was not a policy of hi jacking, but rather a pattern of it occuring under the noses of disinterested officials. Many women were illegally transported to service men. It's possible your ancestors spent time in Barbados either as prisoners or settlers. Many of Cromwell's men, Englishmen, sold their Irish land to their officers and went to Barbados. Some Ulster Scots were surely transported. In Barbados some Irish assimulated into British culture and may be called "Scotch-Irish" after immigration to the main land.

Much of the Catholic merchant class in Ireland were exiled. Many continued to be merchants in exile. After Cromwell, some returned to Ireland, but many had made a new life in a new world. They appeared to be "Irish" but not Irish like new emmigrants, so they may have assimulated into the "Scotch-Irish". In a world with no Catholic institutions, their descendents may have become Protestant.

Later, too they appear in the mainland colonies.
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