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Terms Of Use - PLEASE READ

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PostPosted: Sat Dec 19, 2009 3:40 pm    Post subject: Terms Of Use - PLEASE READ
Hi, folks...


My apologies in advance for any inconveniences caused or what anyone may consider inappropriate insulting language here... but in my experience with this and several other Forums and Indexes I created, there are some "entitled" people in some societies who either do not read or who do not obey instructions, or do read and refuse to understand, or who do read but don't believe any requests, instructions or limitations apply to them. I want to make it clear that such people do not get away with such abusive "entitled" behaviour on this Index.

And as Administrator I have tried several ways to avoid the overwhelming load of mass registrations by SPAMmers trying to register so they can post their garbage. Some of my more devious programming work-arounds have been partly successful, but before long the load is there again and I waste too much time - sometimes as much as two hours EVERY DAY - working to throw out the trash and keep the serious users.




1. You MUST make at least ONE valid Post within 2 weeks of being registered...

IMPORTANT: You are REQUIRED to POST a valid (= worthwhile) message within two weeks of registering, or your account WILL be removed by the Administrator. This clears SPAMmers who may have successfully scammed their way onto the Index.

Please also note: All new Posts are reviewed within 24 hours. Please understand that "nonsense" Posts will NOT hold a registration past the two week cut-off - the idea is to help you get started on your quest, not to help you to procrastinate even longer.

My best advice is to get your Post/s done (as many as you wish, in as many subject areas as you wish) and then it is completed... with both Notifications turned on (in your Profile Preferences) the Index will send an alert to your email address if there is a response or if someone sends you a Private Message.


2. Email addresses are NOT to be posted in public...

You may NOT place your email address - or the email address of anyone else - anywhere in the public areas of on this Index or any of its Boards, in any form whatsoever.

** This includes, but is not limited to, "", "name @", "name at", "name at that hotplace", "name at that gplace", or any or all variations. **

Sorry about being so specific but some people just either don't get it or think no restrictions don't apply to them.

This rule is STRICTLY enforced - a user receives ONE warning and, upon a second violation, that user and all of their Posts are then removed from the Index without further discussion.

Again, if you do not yet understand this Rule...




3. Email contact...

If you cannot be contacted, your Posts here are irrelevant. Making contact with others is the basic premise of this resource.

3. (a) Your email address MUST be real, it MUST be current, it MUST accept mail at all times.
...Your registration address must be valid. I will immediately delete any registration which bounces.
...Your mailbox must not remain full - I will double-check any bounces myself.

3. (b) If your email address changes, you MUST update it here.

3. (c) If mail bounces at any other time your account here WILL be deleted from the database, along with all of your Posts.

(* Autoresponses are acceptable, as long as they indicate WHEN you will be back to collect your mail.)

Repeat: If mail bounces at any time your account here WILL be deleted from the database, along with all of your Posts, if any.

(/// Terms of Use #4 added 17 November, 2009 ///)

4. Periodic Reminders

4. (a) You accept that the Administrator will send you occasional "broadcasts" of relevant information

4. (b) You accept that the Administrator will send you a reminder email every three months - 4 times a year (01 Feb, May, Aug, Nov).
Please note: Abusive responses will result in immediate removal from registration of the abuser, and deletion of all of that user's Posts without further consultation or notification.


So, if you wish to register on this Board, please click on the following link and register using that form. If I accept your request I will register you myself manually when I get to it - YOU MUST READ, AND YOU ARE BOUND BY, THE TERMS OF USE LISTED BELOW WHICH ARE ENFORCED ON A DAILY BASIS:


Please note:

...For verification purposes, you MUST provide ALL of the requested information, and it MUST be relevant to this Board, or your request will be discarded without response. I am not asking for long-winded stories, just let me have a sentence that tells me your basic need - you will flesh all that out in Post/s if/when you are registered.

...Email addresses are confidential and not available to anyone on or viewing this Index but the Administrator. I will NOT give you someone else's email, but I am willing to pass messages (you can send you own PMs on this Index, by the way).

...You will not receive SPAM because of your presence on this Index.

...Please do NOT include your email address in any public Post, it will be removed by the Administrator and you will receive a single warning. There are no second warnings, just deletion of your account and all of your Posts without further discussion.

...Since I also have a full-time job there may be a delay of (at most) 24 hours before I get to a valid registration, but I check this Index every day of life and I will get to it. Please do NOT send impatient or threatening emails, as such will be sure to ensure denial of registration.

...If you have a problem using the Index, please click on the link below and send me an email using that form - also for SPAM avoidance - STATING WHICH INDEX YOU ARE ENQUIRING ABOUT and I will correspond with you from that address...

...You should receive an advisory from the Index software that your registration has been completed. If not, please wait 24 hours and then try to contact me using the contact form link provided just above.

Note: If you believe your registration has been discarded in error, please submit another registration stating that this is your second attempt. Again, I apologise for what seems to be Draconian methods, but I simply no longer have the time - or the inclination - to play games with the SPAMmers.


Thank you - all of you - in advance for your patience. And I wish all, of you the very best in your family research.

Jim Lynch
Caribbean Surname Index
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