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Premise and purpose...

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PostPosted: Thu Feb 22, 2007 9:43 pm    Post subject: Premise and purpose... Reply with quote

The premise and purpose of this Board is to discuss how a group of us might raise money and find approval to create a not-for-profit organisation, registered (I assume) in either Canada or the USA, which would eventually work throughout the Caribbean region towards collecting and preserving records not already under such attention, digitising as much as possible, and making reference materials available to anyone who needs them.

As indicated on my Proposal web page, my intended scope is not at all limited to paper. Indeed, I would hope the CHPI would become involved in any and all activities to do with preservation - from the conventional paper manipulation to archaeological digs on land and shipwrecks at sea.

My initial suggestion is that the CHPI be started in one of the islands as a pilot project (aimed at the long haul), with every action and measure targetd at perfecting a portable model, and then carrying that tried and tested model to other islands.

But here and now is where the serious discussion starts. The doors are open, the seats are waiting, the lights are on, the microphones are live, and transmission has begun...

One last comment: I have been in situations where - because of my interest and professionalism - I was left doing all the work. Let me make it very clear that this will not happen again and that, unless I see others making serious efforts to help and providing genuine resources, I will not become involved in making this Proposal a reality as a solo performance.

Having said that, any and all suggestions, contributions and comments would be welcomed - and open to discussion!

Jim Lynch
Owner/Administrator/Proposer/very interested party.

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Joined: 19 Feb 2007
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PostPosted: Fri Jul 27, 2007 1:34 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

This Proposal is for a Caribbean-wide not-for-profit organisation that offers nothing but positive dimensions for the region - research, development, preservation, employment, education, dignity, understanding, family cohesiveness and coming to terms with the past, to name a few.

Starting in Barbados, within a year it should have created a working model to be exported to the second island, and so on.

Each export would be monitored and studied in detail for improvement to it - and to any other models already sent out. Hopefully the reputation of the Institute and its model exports would make it easier for the model to be exported to further countries, and the more acceptance it gains the faster the model can be exported.

25 July, 2007: I have applied to yet another philanthropist for funding, and am told I may hear from him in six to eight weeks.

A positive response would be a(nother) life-changing step for myself and deliverance of the means for my life's wish which would, in the most positive way possible, fully occupy my time and imagination for the rest of my natural life.

As a natural all-rounder I KNOW I can make it a success. I have been, in turn, an architect's draughtsman, a real estate manager/salesman, played in an amateur rock band, been an air traffic controller and then an airline pilot, wholly moved to Antigua, was appointed "Secretary For Life" by my pilot Association Membership (before my failed cataract operation), created newsletters, wrote articles, planned formal and informal dinner meetings, planned Association meetings and dealt with the Minutes thereof, wholly moved to Canada, earned a Diploma in Programming and Systems Analysis, created web sites and graphics and did web programming, re-published several rare books, drove a bus through the streets of Toronto for a year, and have worked ever since as a Clerk handling streetcar and subway workers. And these are just the things I can spout off quickly from memory!

I have always dealt with people, and I have always needed to invoke personal discipline with accuracy and timeliness others seem to think is not important. I am a natural planner, and was always way ahead of people I was involved with.

My younger brother is retired after working his was up the corporate ladder in the biggest company in Barbados, last position was General Manager of one of the larger subsidiaries. He has dabbled in a numnber of smaller compamies to keep busy, and I think he would be very interested in joining this worthwhile effort to help give it the necessary management support.

If you are a philanthropist and are able to fund this Proposal (in whole or in part), please get in touch...

Please note: This link is to a contact form I use to avoid revealing my real email address and attracting SPAM. On initial contact I would respond from that address, and we can continue communicating that way.

Or you may call me at home:
From North America: 1 (905) 881-5197 (long distance)
From Europe: 001-905-881-5197 (overseas)

Alternatively, you may call me on my cell phone:
From North America: 1 (416) 602-7389 (long distance)
From Europe: 001-416-602-7389 (overseas)

Both numbers have either message taping or voicemail.

Thank you for your time and consideration...

Jim Lynch

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