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Jim Lynch is CanDoo Creative Concepts.

His love affair with computers and the magic they are capable of creating started about 1983 with the acquisition of a Texas Instruments TI99-4A machine.

When the possibilities on that machine were exhausted, a 1 MHz Commodore 64 was purchased and he started the Caribbean Commodore Computer Club, serving as President for three years.

With productive work on the Commodore including BASIC programs that crunched numbers to print out some 75 pages of compressed data on flying an airplane point-to-point with time, distance, tracks and fuel consumptions, more computing power (and speed!) was in order and some satisfaction was found in the 2 MHz Commodore 128 and Commodore 128D.

From there, progression was evident through the Amiga 1000, a Tandy PC laptop, and ultimately to the Macintosh Powerbook - which served as a workhorse through a parade of meetings and hotel stays for the ten years following its purchase.

The Macintosh not only served to provide the usual Office suites, but was also the vehicle with which a newsletter and multiple useful graphic documents were created and published. The Macintosh also made possible Jim's first internet connection, and started his long affiliation with the World Wide Web.

When the 25-year career as an airline pilot came to an end, Jim went on to complete a Diploma in Programming and Systems Analysis at the Institute for Computer Studies Willowdale/Toronto in 1996, and from there began working as a freelance web designer and learning his craft on the job. He joined IMAT in Toronto, where he learned many useful inside tips about web design, the industry and how it works.

The company itself was started in 1997, along with the domain name and company registration.

Since then, Jim has joined forces in a partnership with an elder care professional in Boston to provide on-line services to caregivers and services to various associated elder care professionals. He has also worked through several instances of companies abandoning their web design firms due to exorbitant fees and doing equivalent work for a fraction of that expense.

Despite Jim's many skills and areas of expertise, there are areas where he is not proficient or prefers to have another professional do a better job - such as databases with confidential information that are located on the internet. In these cases he has sought out, contracted and worked with appropriate professionals to provide the necessary level of service to his clients.

Jim enjoys helping his clients, and frequently provides them with sound advice on computer-related matters not necessarily within the scope of a webmaster.

He is also involved in helping several communities with his multiple Discussion Forums and Employment Boards where people may post their resumes and employee vacancies without charge. Add in several Caribbean genealogy resources and a continuing intense interest in aviation, and you will have to agree that he is giving much more than he is receiving!

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