MCTURK - Guyana (& British Guiana)

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MCTURK - Guyana (& British Guiana)

Postby Austin-McTurk » Mon Jul 06, 2015 11:26 am

I am a descendant of Sir Michael McTurk. I am having problems with the family lineage. Sir Michael's son was married to Susan Knight who had three chidren: Maude McTurk, Cecil McTurk. Does anyone have any information?
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Re: MCTURK - Guyana (& British Guiana)

Postby bollersa » Thu Dec 21, 2017 8:01 pm

excerpt from: ... pg=GBS.PP7
Just some factoids.
DEPUTY FISCALS, AND THEIR JURISDICTIONS_ DEMEHAR-A Hum-Col. the Hon. M. M‘Turk, within the District fumish ing the 2d Battalion of Demerara Militia _ Captain C. D. Ridley, within the District flirnishing the 1st Company 1)de Battalion Demerara Militia Captain C. Spencer, 2d Company of ditto Captain ’1‘. F rasu, 3d Company or ditto Captain B. \Vntson, 4th Company of ditto Major Arthur hl‘kenzie, within the District furniahing theSd Battalion of Demerara Militia - Captain J. T. Osborn, within the District furnishing the I“ 1 Company of Bil Battalion Demcrara Militia Brevet-Major N. M. Manget, 9d Company ofditm . It: Brevet-Mnyor C. R. Playter, 5d Compan of ditto ‘ Captain Thomas Blake, 4th Company 0 ditto Captain John Lees, 5th Company of ditto Captain B. Helleman, 6th Company ot‘ditbo

His Battalion composition:
SECOND BATTA LION. Major Commanding, M. M‘ Turk, (LieuL-Coi.) Captains. C. nccr C. . Ridley Richard Watson William Fraser. First Lieutenant; F. Macrae W. M‘Keand. Second Lieutenanfa. Frederick Cort C. Bishop T. Burke A. Van Waterschoudt A. Gainst'ort. _ I Ad'utant, J. Morison, (First ‘eutenant) Quarter-Master, J . Kelly Surgeon, A. G. Richardson Assist-Surgeons, A. M‘Amei', J. Hutson, W. Johnstone, ‘. M‘Creath.
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