COCKIN, John - Nevis

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COCKIN, John - Nevis

Postby Conklin Finder » Sat Mar 15, 2014 10:10 pm

I am interested in any information on a John Cockin listed on page 48 of the Caribbeana: being miscellaneous papers relating to the history and genealogy, topography and Antiquities of the British West Indies.

The reference is 1675 Sept. John Cockin. 13, to John Hancocke, Pr Cr of J.C. of Mevis. ba

Can anyone decipher this?

Also I am interested in any information regarding John Richbell, Thomas Modyford, Westchester County NY.
Conklin Finder
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Re: John Cockin

Postby bimjim » Sun Mar 16, 2014 7:41 pm

From Volume 6 of Caribbeana...

Sept. John Cockin. 13, to John Hancocke, Pr Cr of J.C. of Mevis. ba

I believe this abstract should be read as:
13 September 1675 - John Cockin, batchelor, left his possessions to John Hancocke, Principal Creditor of John Cockin of Nevis.

I believe the 13 is the date - I can see no numbers above 31 on several other pages. I have a set of books for Barbados, with two of then being "Wills and Administrations", all contained therein appear to be wills.

Most other lines refer to Nevis. Since this is obviously a place and there is no place in the Caribbean named Mevis, I read it as a mis-copy from the original and it should be "Nevis".

The last word, "ba", is matched on other lines in the pages by such entries as "wid" and "" (widow and widower), hence batchelor. If these were indentured servants, their deaths would not have wiped out the contracted debt, but the indenturer may have been satisfied with whatever they left behind.

I am attaching two relevant pages - page 48, and page 44 which contains the heading for this section.
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