Warning of possible financial losses paying for research...

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Warning of possible financial losses paying for research...

Postby bimjim » Wed Mar 11, 2009 7:49 pm

Periodically I hear stories of people sending money - whether cash, cheques (checks), money orders, or otherwise - to Museums, Archives, Registrars, Libraries or other institutions in the Caribbean and receiving a range of reactions, from no response to simple acknowledgement alone to partial research to full research completed. From nothing to everything, in other words.

The same warning goes for any and every institution in every Caribbean country - not that Caribbean countries are alone in this. Please understand that there are unscrupulous people in every office everywhere who will steal your money and assume that you will not follow it up because you are thousands of miles away and it would cost you more to confront them than it was worth.

And most Administrators of these institutions do not want to cause a problem with the employees they have to work with, so don't expect that a stern letter with accusations to the Manager or anyone else is going to make a difference - they know they - and you - are unlikely to be able to prove anything in a court of law, so they don't take any steps to make changes.

The only way you are going to get results for your hard-earned money is to use a reputable researcher... I provide free access to advertising for researchers here and on my Caribbean Genealogy Resources pages, and I know I can vouch for the honesty of those people because if they take your money dishonestly the rest of you will hear about it here - and be warned against them there.

And if you are looking for a researcher, please advertise here. If you do NOT include your contacts they MUST go through the Index in order to contact you, and so they MUST provide contacts for themselves.

Finally, if you know of and/or have used a competent, reliable researcher, please let me have their contacts. I would like to invite such persons to participate here and benefit from the recommendadtion from this resource.
Jim Lynch

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