Lookups for St. Barths - Gustavia & Lorient 1808 to 1905

Please Post your offer here if you have access to (or own) books in Caribbean genealogy and are willing to perform look-ups on request.
** Please consider listing your books so the applicants don't repeat requests for books they already have already covered. That should save their time and yours!!

Lookups for St. Barths - Gustavia & Lorient 1808 to 1905

Postby LylyLD » Tue Jan 30, 2018 9:44 am

I'm happy to say that I can offer help with information lookups for St. Barths, I have access to Archives from Gustavia and Lorient from 1808 to 1905.

If you are looking for your family in this area and you have their name and a rough estimate of their birth date I can help you out.

If your French isn't too great I can also help you translate the information.
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