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MURRAY - Antigua, Trinidad

PostPosted: Fri Mar 06, 2015 6:26 pm
by Murray1964
I'm trying to trace MURRAY (ATHOLL) in the BWI.

I know they were in Antigua but at some point they went to Trinidad.

What I have is...

    Walter Murray 1708-1792 (married Bridget) (Antigua?)
      -Dr Walter Murray died 4th July 1825 Antigua (married to Elizabeth Nanton)
        --Dr Henry Nanton Murray died 28 Sept 1838 (Antigua) (married Mary Clift Odlum)
          ---Henry Nanton Murray died 1 Sept 1886( married Lucy Julia Berkeley)
            ----Harold Berkeley Murray born 21 April 1867 ** Primary concern **

At what stage did the Murrays go to Antigua and from there to Trinidad?

Thanks for any help!
Best Regards